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Many Have Discovered the Benefits of Article Writing. You should too!

Mar 20, 2008
Article writing is one way of promoting your product or service. It is a free method of advertising, because article directories do not charge you to list your articles with them. Article writing can increase your sales and income.

You start by writing about a topic, which is your article content. Your topic should be interesting, appeal to your readers, and be of value to your readers. At the bottom of your article, you place a link to your website that promotes your product or service. This is called a resource box. There are customers who are go on the internet looking for a particular product or service, and may be indecisive. Your article content may be the thing that persuades them to take a look at your product or service and make a decision.

There are article directories, or websites that are looking for good article content to use on their sites. If your article gets picked up by a directory, then this exposes your article to thousands of readers. These readers become customers when they click on your link to your website and purchase the product or service that you are promoting. As your article gets published by directories, the number of links to your site increases. Search engines place great importance on the number of incoming links to a website. This affects the placement of your website on search results.

One gentlemen, who owns a business, had 30 articles published in 2005. He only published 30 articles and no more. Nevertheless, his articles are still being circulated, and he earns about $20 to $30 dollars a day from his site, having just 30 articles on one site. That's the power of article writing

Article writing can be a quick and easy process to do. The process gets easier as you write more and more articles. What if you lack the talent for writing articles? No need to worry. There are services that can write articles for you for a small fee.

Article writing is a subtle form of advertising. You are writing about topics that people are interested in, and want to know more about. This can be achieved in a conversational, but professional manner.

Article writing is a free source of advertising. It's a way to get exposure to your website, products, and services that can triple your income. As your articles get published, customers have the opportunity to click on your links, and help you ring up sales.
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