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What An Effective Opt-in List Can Do For You

Mar 20, 2008
You probably are already sick and tired hearing over and over again money is in the list. Why you need an effective opt-in list? I am writing about this subject because I see the 2 biggest mistakes in affiliate marketing repeating too many times.

These mistakes are:
1) Sending potential customers straight to the merchants Web Site. YES, this is the biggest mistake even though you get some commission and make a profit. Trust me, you are still living money, a lot of money, on the table.

2) Not automating entire process. Most people do not buy on the first visit to a web site, so, 95% of your advertising money and effort will go down the drain. If you get people to opt-in, you will send in future offers to a bigger number of people, and use the list again and again. If you send people directly to a merchant Web Site you will never create a list for yourself. You already know that a big volume of business has the potential of creating big revenue. And if you get a bigger opt-in list, and you start advertising multiple products in the same time, you will need more then 24 hours per day for your affiliate marketing business.

The key of your success is automating the process of:
- sending emails to the list,
- collecting leads,
- collecting commissions,
- creates the potential of increasing advertising for you.

The best example I can offer you is my own experience.
When I started I bought and read a lot of e-Books, listened Videos courses, attended seminars, about how to do internet marketing. I struggle to implement all ideas, plans, advises. I sold a couple of e-Books hire and there but a robust success did not surface.
I knew that something was missing and I continued to read all the publications I can put my hand on.
It was hard to find the right knowledge in our information overload era; it was really hard to separate the weeds.

The 3 Simple Steps System to Generate Profit in Autopilot was a solution for me. It is called Affiliate Cash Secrets, and the topics fill in the gaps of my knowledge.

After I put this system in place, in the first month I earn $1000 in affiliate commissions, next month I earn almost $3,000. After that the process was unstoppable because it was created in Autopilot.

Those 3 steps are:
1) You send traffic to a simple Squeeze Page, you collect leads and doing so you start to build your list.

2) From Squeeze Page you send potential customers to a Pre-Sell page. Here to give more info, warm up your potential customers, make a special limited offer. The key is: talk about benefits, not about features of the item you try to sell.

3) From Pre-Sell Page send them to the Affiliate Site (the merchant Web Site). At this point: If they buy you transform potential customers in customers, and you get commissions. If they do not buy you have them in your list and you send other offers to them in the future.

This is the math.:
If you have a list of 200 people, if only 5% buy from you, you sell just 10 items. If you have 20,000 people in your list, and 5% are buying from you, you sell 1,000 items. This is a huge difference.
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Michaela Cernescu is an education specialist trained by eBay, internet marketer, digital products writer and affiliate.
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