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Successful Online Affiliate Marketing

Mar 20, 2008
Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting the goods or services of another person in exchange for getting a commission every time that one of those goods or services is sold. Affiliate marketing in this way can be a very easy way for a person to get something done and when it comes right down to it the low cost and easy time commitments that affiliate programs brings to the table are exactly what people need when they are starting up a business. However, this does not mean that everyone that tries this type of marketing is going to be successful at it, so even though it is one of the easiest ways to start a business online, you still need to know how to win.


In real estate, location is the biggest thing. In marketing, location is also the biggest thing albeit in a different way. The location we are looking for in affiliate marketing is not the location of geography or region that real estate developers are interested in but rather the location affiliate marketers are looking for is the proper market to sell their products.

Markets are targeted to different things and interested in different things and figuring out which markets are likely to like the products you are marketing is part of becoming a great affiliate. You can make things a lot easier on yourself by ensuring that the marketing that you do is only directed at markets and people that are actually interested in those particular products.


There is a very sad story in some marketing circles and it is the story of the person that did not understand leverage. This person came up with a fantastic marketing plan for and tried it on one product. That plan worked great, but because the profits that it brought in were not enough to sustain a full time income, the person gave up and heart breakingly went back to their old job.

What is the lesson here? The lesson is that people need to consider leverage when they consider how to win when it comes to marketing products. Figuring out a strategy that works is hard, but once you have that strategy your next goal becomes to leverage the strategy by applying it to as many different products as possible. If you can make $100 a week selling a certain product, why not start building up your infrastructure so that you end up making $10,000 a week eventually by selling 100 products that each make $100 a week?

Critical Thinking:

Location and leverage are two examples of things that came about as a result of critical thinking. Someone was faced with a problem, too few people interested in the general public or too little profit from selling one product and came up with a solution by thinking on their feet. Everything that you do in affiliate marketing will require this type of critical thinking and it would be impossible to go through the hundreds of different ways that this is already true of the field. Just remember to always re-evaluate the situation you are in and try to think critically about ways that you can make it better.
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