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How To Start A Catering Business Some Pointers To Remember

Mar 20, 2008
If you are thinking about how do you start a caterer business, take a little pause and ask yourself why you want to do it. Is it only about the money that will come in? But remember that you will have to put a lot of efforts in to get that money. Is it then because you have a passion for cooking and feeding people? That's a better qualification, but you must know that catering has a very brutal business side to it too. It is only when you have a proper blend of determination, punctuality, skill and zeal that you can succeed with your catering business.

Okay, caterers are in large demand nowadays in wedding, birthday and anniversary celebrations, in high school and college functions, in business meetings, in social events and so many places. But you must know how to get there, shouldn't you? Read on to see how you can make the most of the catering industry. These are some useful points on how to start a food business.

1. Your family and friends might be totally bonkers over the food you make for them, but remember that you will need a license from the authorities before you can enter into business. You will requirement to apply to the local Health Department. The officers will them come over and inspect the premises where you are planning to run your business. There are some standards of hygiene and operations that they will need to assure themselves on before giving you a license. Be prepared for periodical and even surprise checks from them too.

2. You need to have good planning about organizing your catering business. And the planning is not just about the food you will be serving. You will need to plan about how much staff will be working in the kitchen point at a time, how they will be positioned, how they will access their equipment, the food washing area, the washroom for the staff, the storage and preservation area for the food and so on. The more planning you do in your premises, the more efficient the turnaround will be.

3. Pricing is fun if you know how to go about it. Make a survey within your place on what kinds of prices the other caterers are charging. See if that works with your own costs. Then decide the prices. Keep the prices less initially, hovering slightly above your breakeven point. When you work out a reputation in the market, you can hike them. Do not forget to have a menu card of the foods you prepare, which will also serve as your rate card. There is no need of making this too flashy.

4. Starting a catering business is simple on paper, but it becomes a nerve-wracking situation when you have to decide what dishes to prepare. Certainly the food that you cook at home won't be good enough for a catering business. Plan on ordering some parcels from the nearby caterers at,the outset, so that you can look into their menu cards. Then think which of these dishes you can include in your own business. You will also have to consider the expertise of your cooks. In the initial stages, it also pays to take into account the tastes of your clients.
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