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Best Business Opportunity? Be Aware Of These 4 Dangers

Mar 20, 2008
The term - best business opportunity - is usually subjective, opinionated, biased, ignorant or simply incorrect.

My Team's Better Than Yours!

Fights, battles and war result as differences of opinion flare up to contest the generic belief of who or which is 'best'. Any subject, and emotionally charged ones such as money and wealth in particular, have their devotees and denigrators - Mine is the best you know. No it isn't. Yes it IS! NO IT IS NOT!

Which country, religion, music group or artists is the best? The only sure outcome is a lot of different people all telling you that their particular choice is definitely the best. Thus any question that asks 'which is best?' rarely generates an accurate answer.

Gold Loves A Shining Mark

People generally want to know what the deal is with any new undertaking. By asking others they hope to find shortcuts; easier, cheaper, quicker, and less damaging routes to their goal. This is of course common sense and usually a good policy, depending on the quality of the answers you get. The smart foxes of this world, have however, worked out that there is a good living to be gained by exploiting this human behaviour pattern.

These people know the identified problem and they understand human psychological flaws. They then combine a solution, with copywriting and other manipulation tricks, and in so doing create a digital gold mine. Actually that's exactly what they are advertising - a gold mine. And they are the ones that supply the picks, shovels and maps to the hundred of thousands of prospectors that come looking for this dream every -week. Some may strike a vein, the vast majority won't - but the shovel and pick sellers will make it - guaranteed.

Ooh It Feels Like He's Reading My Mind!

...Excellent the sale is almost made. Out of Dr. Cialdini's 7 major influences on human behaviour - 'liking' someone - is one of the top ones. Not enough on its own of course, but an important one nonetheless. Salesmen know this and use the 'mirror and match' technique as a staple approach to getting any sale.

The same holds true when people advertise any best business opportunity. 'I was down and out - no money - tried everything before - fed up with being scammed - had to live in shoe-box in middle o' road... But then I discovered Acme Internet Company and you know what? Suddenly it all made sense... and I made money, lots of lovely scrumptious money. If I can do it, then you can do it too!' Please sign here.

ONS - Overzealous Newbie Syndrome

I read with amazement once an editorial by someone who I had introduced to a certain company. In a two-page spread, in graphic detail, she was telling the world of how well she had done - the money she had made and that Acme company A was the best business opportunity she had ever come across!

Which was all complete rubbish - she had not made a dime. Yet the thought that she might, had obviously temped her over the line of anticipation into outright lies.

Your best choice will be an inherently good opportunity that is value for money, does not strain your wallet, and critically, one that complements your character, experiences and talents.
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Charles Challis is the managing director of Applied Serendipity Ltd. He has spent the last 3 years and over $120,000/66,000 GBP researching and testing home businesses. The company website: http://www.home-business-consultant.com is a must-read for prospective home business entrepreneurs. Visit http://www.home-business-consultant.com to save your time and money.
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