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Mar 20, 2008
The loading dock is the place where your business meets the rest of the world, and where the products that your staff has invested time and energy in finishing and preparing are handled before being dispatched. It is the place in your business where there is the greatest concentration of assets, and the place where accidents are both most likely to happen, and most costly when they do. The dock equipment that your business invests in can play a major role in preventing accidental damage to any equipment, employees or products, and with this in mind, the cost of not having the right equipment for the job is often much greater than the price to acquire the gear that you need the most.

The main goals of selecting dock equipment are to increase the efficiency and safety of the dispatch area so that any potential damage is minimized, and also to make sure that any processes can be sped up in order to allow trucks to get away much more quickly & safely.

There are numerous pieces of loading dock equipment dedicated to keeping the dock dry, but the most effective item is a dock seal. One factor that can have a major impact on the safety of the loading dock equipment is the weather. If a dock is exposed to the elements, then rainwater can cause the floor surfaces to become slippery. This in turn creates an environment where staff can slip and slide around, and where accidents are more likely to happen. By incorporating a dock seals & shelters around the area where each truck arrives, an effective seal can be put into place, which will prevent any entry of water or wind and make it much easier to get the trucks loaded and unloaded in poor weather.

It is important to consider the ease with which goods can be transferred into a truck from the warehouse when equipping a loading dock. Loading dock levelers that level the transit from dock to truck is essential, and there are a number of different choices available that all offer a slightly different method of achieving the goal. At the top end of the market, electric pallet jacks are available. These are the most labor friendly solution, and have a high capacity that allows them to lift a heavy load into a position where it can be moved easily into the back of a truck. There are also dock loading ramps that can be supported by the back of the truck and allow you to load the truck using a pallet jack or forklift.

There are also dock loading ramps that can be supported by the back of the truck and allow you to load the truck using a pallet jack or forklift.A variety of different cranes and gantry cranes are available including a number of high capacity jib cranes that can be used to raise heavy items into place before being swung onto the back of the truck. No matter what kind of loads you are planning to transport, having the right kind of dock equipment to carry the weight of the items you are loading is essential. Easy Rack are experts in providing material handling solutions for the whole production process, and the dispatch area is no different, so no matter what the products are that you are loading or unloading, there is equipment available that can make the process much more straightforward and safe.
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