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The Many Uses A Free File Hosting Serves

Mar 20, 2008
Initially, you may not get too excited when you hear about what free file hosting services can do for you. After all, how many things can you upload that do not infringe on copyrights and trademarks? Finding legitimate uses of a host can be tough, but rest assured, there are major benefits to be had from this free resource.

Bypass Strict Email Filters

File hosts can be used to bypass strict email filters, which commonly place a limit on attachments and included files. If you need to send a friend a video or even a large picture, you'll become frustrated and quit long before you can limit a movie or image file to filter standards.

Instead of using email services that impose strict limits, hosts enable users to either directly email uploaded files to other email accounts or give a link in which to send friends and family the location to the file.

Be sure to review the guidelines and policies of the free file hosting service first, however. If you send personal or private information, there should be options to password protect the information or a means of encrypting it.

Webmasters Save On Bandwidth and Disk Space

Webmasters are starting to use free file hosts to save on disk space and bandwidth bills. As webmasters know all too well, hosting fees can be outrageously high for moderate accommodations. So as to improve efficiency, webmasters have put free file hosts to work for them.

In the example of a website that may offer online downloads for blogging templates, the website can save an average of a few megabytes of disk space and bandwidth per download. If you multiply this by a few thousand per day, you can see how quick the saved resources add up. Over the period of a year, it wouldn't be uncommon to see cut costs in excess of a few hundred dollars for high volume websites.

There are some resources that even offer rewards for obtaining downloads for a certain file. If a website is looking to monetize their website, this is a perfect way to give visitors their download without the cost of system resources.

Illegitimate Reasons For Using Free File Hosts

Perhaps one of the more popular reasons these free resources are used is for illegal reasons. Many types of copyrighted materials, from music to online scripts, are put on free file hosts on a constant basis. This is, however, against the terms of service of hosts and it violates the law so be sure to report this activity if it is reported.

Unfortunately, many hosts allow users to send, receive, and upload files without user registration. This means users can simply upload the copyrighted material after it is taken down by staff. If it does become a problem for developers of copyrighted material, many free file hosts will work with developers for ways to keep the copyrighted material of their servers.

Final Thoughts

One can save a lot of money using free file hosts and one can even make money from downloads. Whichever the case, be on the lookout for copyrighted material and report any you come across. This helps free file hosts stay out of legal trouble, ensures a long money-saving alternative for webmasters, and saves common users from the hassle of email filters.
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