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Get Explosive Business Growth with One Simple Technique

Mar 20, 2008
You are reading this article because you want to increase your business profits this year. In spite of our country's current economic plight, you can increase your customers this year by properly implementing this business tactic.

We all have our differences, but I will focus on an aspect of humanity that is common to us all. Go to any part of this Earth, regardless of culture, we all look to others to determine what is right and wrong. The actions of others help us decide what's appropriate.

Ever see the child in the store falling out on the floor because they can't have a toy? You see it all the time. Why is it less common to see an adult doing the same thing in stores? I know there are exceptions, but for the most part, the adult has learned that falling out is not acceptable behavior.

Need more Proof? Consider Oprah Winfrey and the influence she carries. Oprah has the ability to take an obscure book and turn it into a best seller. How does she do this? She simple recommends it in her book club. The consumers think if Oprah thinks the book is good it must be good. They rush the local book stores in waves to purchase the same book that couldn't sell the day before the show.

Do you ever wonder why Consumer Review columns and magazines are so popular? People like them because they do all the thinking for them. They evaluate the products on several key parameters then make recommendations based on their findings. These recommendations help customers choose the products they purchase. Consumers value these recommendations because they appear unbiased and thorough.

Lets take a moment to soak it all in. We have clearly established the fact that peoples behavior is heavily influenced by the opinions and attitudes of others. How can we get this technique working in your favor to grow your business. Here is a list of 5 things you can do today to get started.

Have a satisfied customer? Ask for a testimonial.

If you find you have a product with low refund request, let your prospective buyers know. For example, "Last year only 3% of people requested a refund after purchasing this product."

Always measure your results. Let your prospective clients know, "48% of people who took a look at this presentation became active distributors."

Reference any Celebrity or Big Business Associations.

Track customer satisfaction. "97% of customers rate this product favorably."
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