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How to Get the Results You Want Using Any Strategy or Technique

Mar 20, 2008
Has this ever happened to you? You are introduced to strategies or techniques that others claim to work great. You spend countless hours studying the strategy or technique. You make sure you understand it and everything is in order to work the strategy or technique into your business. After implementation of the strategy or technique, days go by, weeks and even months go by, but you find you did not get the results you wanted. Why? Is it because the strategy or technique doesn't work?

Unfortunately, one person can get great results from strategy or technique, yet someone else can get poor results. The facts prove the strategy or technique does work but ONLY if you implement balance and have three critical components (our marketing mix) in place.

Most people try to build their business without really understanding what it really takes to get the results we want. Not only do they not have the three critical components of the marketing mix in place, but they don't know what the marketing mix is or how it affects their overall results.

In this work smart nuts 'n bolts article, we will uncover these 3 basic (and critical) components of the marketing mix. These are critical pieces to the marketing puzzle that you need to have in place to get the results you really want when working any marketing strategy or technique. Putting these 3 components in place can help generate impressive results.

At my company, we introduce and teach many different strategies and techniques that are 100% market-tested and proven to be effective. Yet, we hear people say, "I tried that strategy or technique and did everything exactly as you said but I got zero response." Or they may say, "I am getting results but nothing near the results I want!" Why that happens is NOT because the strategy or technique does not work. In fact, the market-testing we do and the success others have in using the same strategies and techniques in their marketing has proven they do work. However, there are many variables that can affect the outcome one receives in working any strategy or technique.

You see, most people have a high expectation of results. They feel that if it works for someone else, it will work for them. But they fail to understand the reality of what it really takes to get the results they want.

TIP - Getting long term exponential results comes from consistent effort over time.

If you understand the 3 critical components of the marketing mix, you can begin to generate impressive results! But do keep in mind the results will not be magical. You won't have a flood of prospects banging down your door because you understand these 3 critical components.

By understanding the 3 critical components, you will have the knowledge necessary to make things happen. It is the awareness of these 3 critical pieces of the marketing puzzle that will give you the power to get the techniques and strategies to work for you.

One lesson I have learned over the years is people do struggle with getting things to work for them in their business and they will often try one strategy or technique once or twice and when they don't get the results they want, they move on to the next strategy or technique... and jump and jump and jump. We even see people jump from business to business.

So why do strategies and techniques work for some people and for others they don't?

It really comes down to understanding the 3 critical pieces of the marketing puzzle, which make up your marketing mix. When we talk of the 3 critical pieces (components) to your marketing mix and how they are interrelated, it is easy to assume one critical component is missing or wrong, when it really is another one of the components.

As an example, let's say that you are sending an email campaign through your email broadcast system. You send the initial contact email and you get a poor result. You might assume the reason for the poor result is related to your offer. The solution could be that you need to change your offer to get a better response, or to send it to a different set of leads, or even improve the quality of the presentation from plain text to html. Yet, it may be as simple as changing the subject line.

Unfortunately, there are so many variables that could affect the overall results that we can often change the wrong thing or even worse completely cut out a campaign that really can work for us. Before we can make change, we must understand the core critical components of the marketing mix.

The 3 critical components are:

1) Your Message (unique benefit message)
2) Your Target Market
3) Your Mastery of the Marketing Methods

It is very important to remember that each of these 3 components are important by themselves, but the combination of the components is what makes your marketing powerful. The secret in applying any strategy or technique is you must make certain you keep testing and refining. As a result, you can begin to grow exponentially.

Unfortunately, many people fail to track and test their marketing efforts. One thing I learned that helped me get great results is that as soon as I started to track my marketing, I was able to learn (become aware of) what worked and what did not. Even in my online marketing, I track each ad and each message for its effectiveness. If you do not track, you will never know what is bringing you the success, and therefore, cannot even begin to improve your performance.

We often hear the words in this industry, "Do more of it". Our response is "do more of what?" You will never know what to do more of until you start tracking everything you do. Tracking can be very beneficial in saving you time, money, and effort in building your business. Building your business is a science and an art ~ the science part is to test everything (your message, headline, methods, etc) and the art is to know what to test. Once you find a winning combination, repeat it and expand it.

There you have it, a simple discovery for you where you can now achieve what you desire in your business. Be sure to go back and really study this article to where you know without a doubt the three critical components that affect the results you get. Apply what you learn and let me know how this has worked for you.
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