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Making Money Writing Articles - 7 Tips

Mar 20, 2008
When trying to generate traffic to your website, article marketing is a great method to use to get targeted traffic to visit your site. Article marketing is all about readers finding your place of business on the Internet. Many Internet marketers will use article marketing as their main key ingredient for promotional purposes because it is very cost effective and efficient.

Are you ready to make a lot of money? Well, so are a few other Internet marketers. With article marketing, you can make some serious money but like anything else, this will take some work and patience. There are a few things that need to be in place and considered before taking your plunge into article writing.

1. Find a product or service you feel is worth promoting. There are several thousand products you can affiliate yourself with. Choose something you like, a product you can get excited about marketing.

2. Create a squeeze page, a promotional web-page for your product. Sometimes a company will give you a pre-made squeeze page for you to use. If possible, make your own that is unique. You don't really want your page to look generic like all the other squeeze pages if you don't have to. If you can't do this, then it is alright to work with what you have.

3. Your articles should be around 500 words per article or more. Keep your articles informative about your product or service you are marketing. If you don't know much about the product, then you will need to take some time and research it to death.

Ideally, you should know almost everything about any product you will be promoting because when you write your articles, you will be that expert providing your reading audience with the information they needed.

4. Every article you write needs to have unique content. You cannot submit the same article to many different article directories. There are a few reasons for this. The main reason is that search engines will not pick up your article if it has been submitted to more than one article directory.

5. Try to average at least 20 unique articles a week. Google is in love with a few of these article directories. Ezine Articles is one of them. Google indexes these site often. Sometimes you can submit an article in the morning and find it on Google that afternoon.

By submitting unique content to article directories several times a week, you are increasing your article marketing odds to get more readers that will turn into more targeted traffic for you.

6. Time is money! Write your articles quickly, then edit later. After awhile, you will acquire more speed and be knocking them out. It takes a little time to work up to this, but this will happen soon enough.

7. Be patient and stay at it. Article marketing does not explode over night. There is a waiting period of a few weeks or more to really begin seeing good results coming into your squeeze page.
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