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Article Marketing Without a Website - Bum Marketing Techniques

Mar 20, 2008
Can you use article marketing without having a website? Can you be an affiliate marketer without a website? Can you also be article marketing and an affiliate marketer while not spending any money without a website?

Bum marketers are all about saving a dime. They are all article marketers in disguise. Bum marketer's write their own ticket to success. It is all about using techniques and being tenaciously Internet "street smart".

To be a good bum marketer means learning about search engine optimizing techniques that are always updated concerning Google as their search engine model.

Staying on top of the number one ranking search engine on the Internet is to stay a step ahead of the pack. These bum marketers will steal all the search engine rankings right out from under the nose of those who had to pay a large sum of cash to get their positions. It is all about SEO when bum marketers create their articles.

Bum marketers can be seen hanging out at places like "ClickBank", joining the hottest affiliate programs that are moving. These companies all have their own squeeze pages to sell the customers with, so no one needs to make their own squeeze page. Affiliate marketers do not need to make their own promotional websites, unless they want to. Even that can be done for free.

All the bum marketer wants is that piece of code that has all the marketer's information embedded for a sales credit. The marketers insert this code at the bottom of the articles they write. When the readers are finished with their articles, they will click that link and end up on the company's page, buy the product and the bum marketer will get his or her commission from that sale.

A good bum marketer will always have three or four different affiliate programs going at one time. They article market their unique content like crazy. Many will write 30-50 articles a week to submit to their favorite article directories.

These article directories feed the submitted articles to the search engines, so when you are looking for information about "acne home remedies", Google will return you the results with a few articles that some affiliates wrote about this subject.

You might click on the info link in Google's results, then be directed to an Ezin article titled "Home Remedies for Acne Cures". You love the article and want to know more information about taking some action to cure your complexion. At the bottom of that article is a link for more information.

You click on this link. Suddenly, you are at a company's website and buying their natural acne cure for only $29.95. This should give the reader enough information to stop acne in it's tracks. You are sold, so you buy.

This cure is nothing more than more information in an electronic book that you are now instructed to download to your computer.

A bum marketer wrote the article "Home Remedies for Acne Cures". It was informative and enticed the reader to want more information to solve their acne problem.

The marketer provided a link to his or her affiliate website because they had no website of their own.

The squeeze page of the affiliate's company sold the reader on their product. The bum marketer makes 50% commission from everyone that clicks on the marketer's code, arrives at the company site and purchases the electronic product of "Natural Cures For Acne - Now Revealed!!"

In essence, this is how to make money article marketing, affiliate marketing, not have a website and not spend any money to make a living on the Internet. This is how to become a bum marketer.
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