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MultiLevel Marketing- Is It Real?

Mar 20, 2008
Lets face it, for many people, the name multilevel marketing dredges up unpleasant images of pyramid schemes and other nefarious financial grasps dedicated to making the people on top rich while the underlings get taken for all they have. Unfortunately, for many companies, this is not far from the truth.

Though illegal, ponzi schemes have infiltrated the mlm marketing world and their method of presentation makes it difficult for the uninformed to tell the difference between the legitimate companies and the scams. Fortunately, there are legitimate companies out there and mlm marketing can make you a lot of extra income if you choose the right one. This article will serve as a guide in what to look for and look out for when searching for an mlm marketing opportunity.

The main thing you will want to look for when choosing an mlm business to join is their profit structure. It may be difficult at first to determine this. After all, few business owners are going to open up their financial books for everybody that wants to sign up. But you will not need that level of access to make one simple determination. That determination is this, does the company you are investigating make more of its income from selling products or from signing up new recruits.

The former indicated a company on the level then latter indicates otherwise and this is one of the main criteria the government looks at when determining whether or not a company is breaking the law. If you can not quite tell which is the case, study those people already in the program. Do they seem to spend most of their time trying to recruit others or do they spend more or at least an equal amount of time selling products. Is it ridiculously expensive to sign up? Does the company insist that you purchase a gargantuan amount of product to get started. All of these things can be taken as warning signs.

Of course, when it comes to marketing, the king of the hill always win. Most top companies started the concept of multilevel marketing when they wanted a way to get their products to consumers without the enormous overhead costs of opening franchises around the country. There was also the matter of side stepping advertising costs as their product is taken straight to the customer and sold on a case by case basis.

While these companies may stand for mlm marketing in its most legitimate form, even they have had their run ins with the law. In the late seventies the federal trade commission investigated most of them amidst complaints that, while they made most of their profits from product sales, these sales by and large were being made by people joining the system. The ftc ruled in favor of some, though it did place some restrictions on few of their business model including forcing them to disclose a more moderate figure when trying to entice distributors.

Multilevel marketing is not going away and you could make a nice chunk of money with one of them if you enjoy sales and are friendly and outgoing. Run an internet search on any company you plan to join and see what people are saying. It will keep you from making a mistake that could cost you valuable time and money.
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