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3 Great Reasons Why Accountants Should Diversify Their Income With Their Own Domain

Mar 20, 2008
If you're an accountant, you need not be a slave to your "job" and your company. You can do this by using the Internet to reach out to more people who are potential clients for your services, thus making you more money, or even eliminating your "job" altogether.

Heare are 3 reasons why. They may be obvious to you, but what's not so obvious is how you can leverage off the Internet that now has a huge population of users all over the world.

1.You Are In Demand
Not many people in the world are great with numbers, so it does take a special gift to work with money and numbers consistently. And thus, as an accountant, you are one of the elite few people who are properly equipped to provide sound financial advice to whoever needs it - and don't we all?

With more than one billion people using the Internet from all over the world, constant opening hours and easy accessibility, there is no better place to provide a service that is in demand (yours) than on the World Wide Web. All you need is an 'office' (your domain address - it could be your name), a product (your accounting and financial services and consultancy) and a way to sell yourself to potential customers (your website or blog).

2.You Can Easily Sell Your Expertise
One of the biggest uses of the Internet is by people looking for information. It is no wonder that encyclopedias are going out of fashion when the entire world's information is now accessible with a computer and an Internet connection.

This is in fact a very big benefit for you, as an accountant looking to make extra income from the Internet. After all, if people are going to the Internet to look for information on company accounting, doing their taxes, applying for loans, lowering company costs and other such information related to your field of practice, then there's nothing stopping you from providing this information to them at a cost.

For example, you could write an e-book (a book written in an electronic format, such as PDF) providing clear, step by step details to filling out a tax return (for whichever country you reside) and you can market it to every single working individual in your country! You can also provide basic accounting information via e-mail as an e-course for people who wish to do their own book keeping.

3.You Create More Opportunities
By providing your service online, you will automatically open yourself up to a whole world of new and exciting opportunities. Over time, you may build up quite a reputation in the online community as a trusted accountant.

And this may take no more effort than writing two to three informative blog posts every week. Blog posts are easily picked up by Search Engines, and you will get some free visitors looking for the information you're providing. As your readers grow, so will your prominence, and as they say, word of mouth is the best form of advertising.

The above are just a few of the advantages an accountant stands to gain by securing a domain and creating a website marketing his services. At such a low running cost, and with the possibility of great returns, this is one no-risk investment no accountant should pass up!
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