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Government Grants For Small Businesses - Tactics

Mar 20, 2008
If you are reading this then you are looking for effective, actionable information on government grants for small businesses right? Government grant money have the advantage of not having to be repaid and can be used to start a new business. About the only real downside to starting self employment this way is the large amount of necessary paperwork and bureaucratic inertia to deal with. Such a small effort to exert when you look at the funding you can receive for exerting it.

Choosing The Right Grant

It can be time consuming and frustrating trying to locate the right grant. To prove my point just one look at some of the grant sites out here and you will see what I mean. There are literally thousands of grants grouped by state and sometimes foundation waiting to be claimed. To find the right grant funds requires the right education.

Your main concern at this juncture should be to find a grant that matches your situation. Checking the resource box will give you a solution to this concern. In fact most of your time and effort will be to find suitable grant matches unless you choose to save effort and time and look into the resources in the resource box.

Resources Needed

The federal small business government grant process is very similar to getting a loan from a traditional bank. You will need to provide at the very least tax information, financial reports and business numbers.

It would be wise to locate an accountant who works in your specific corporate industry with related businesses. This will help you construct a grant application whose commerce information makes sense and can actually work. By enlisting the aid of an accountant that is familiar with your industry you will be saving yourself time and unnecessary effort.

Since you will need a business plan as part of the grant process. The accountant mentioned before can also assist you in making sure the numbers in your business plan make sense.

Next on the agenda is to find a competent attorney who has experience in the grant application process. Keep in mind that your own specific grant application may not be big enough to require the services of an attorney. But if it does then don't hesitate to find one at once.

By finding an attorney who has experience in the grant application process they should be in a place to guide you past common novice mistakes. If they have worked in the industry long enough they should also be able to recommend other needed resources.


In closing you have been exposed to some of the bigger concerns involved in government grants for small business. One of the main concerns is the time and effort required to find a suitable grant. A very good solution to this can be found in the resource box. While you would rather keep your expenses to a bare minimum during the grant application process thee are some resources should look into to make the process smoother. These have been mentioned in the article as well. Again if you are short on time and want a comprehensive plan for this then check into the resources mentioned in the resource box for this article.
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