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How to Build a Downline

Mar 20, 2008
There are different ways to earn over the internet. And one of the most popular ways of doing it is through MLM or multi-level marketing. The program works by recruiting other members to enlist under you. Whatever they earn from the system, you will have a certain percentage of it. They too, can earn the same way if the recruit others to join the network in the same way that you did. Some MLM companies are paying up to third and fourth degree downlines.

MLM seems to be a lucrative business. But a lot of people are hesitant to join because of one reason - they are afraid they will never build their downlines. However, it is rather easy to recruit downlines, if you know how to do it. Here are some tips:

1. Participate actively in forums.

Do you know that the very people you can recruit are chatting idly at forums? Select a forum that is very related to the product, the system, or the service that your MLM parent company is offering. In there, you will find all sorts of people - people who want to buy the product, people who are selling it, and people who simply interested in knowing more about it. If you actively participate in forums related to your business and build a good reputation, it will be easy for you recruit others to join you.

2. Use social networking sites.

Social networking sites were hit this decade. For some reason, it has lured half of all the internet users in the world to create their profile, build their own web page, and invite other friends to join the network. See, that's exactly how MLM works. And so if social networking sites were so popular, you might as well use it to find members to become your downline. If you have been using the internet for so long, chances are, you are already a part of a social networking site like MySpace. If you are, then all you have to do is to send an invitation email to your friends. Just count how many would respond positively upon your invitation.

3. Advertise.

More often than not, online MLM businesses provide their members with their own splash page to gain more recruits. Use that link and advertise it on key places like Google, Overture, Yahoo, and others. You might need to create an entirely different landing page or generate a redirect URL for it, as some of these sites don't accept referral links. Also, there are some people who refrain from going to sites that are obviously a referral link because they do not want to be sold to.

4. Use member generator sites, tools, and software

Right now, a lot of internet and programming experts had seen the need of MLM marketers to build a strong downline for their business to flourish. For this purpose, several websites, tools, and programs were created to do exactly that. There are sites that offer referral exchanges and sites that allow the referral links and banners to be published. As for tools, there are downline software that can be used to manage, contact, and follow up prospects or members of your MLM business.

These are the ways on how you can build your downline and be successful in MLM. MLM is one of the most profitable businesses online. It can provide you with residual income. That also means that after all your hard work, you can retire knowing that your downline will always be around working for you.
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