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Why You Need Special Skills for Affiliate Marketing

Mar 20, 2008
Although all marketing depends on the same concepts, you need to develop an approach that is determined by what you are trying to do. In traditional marketing, you are selling something, but you do it in such a way that the prospect wants to buy. You do that by finding out what the prospect wants, and by matching the product to his or her needs.

For example, the auto companies hold 'clinics' where they find out whether representative members of the public want certain features they are developing, and the overall appearance of new car.

In Internet marketing, you allow the prospects to preselect them by using keywords on your website or advert, so that only those people who click on one of your keywords will arrive at your site or see your advert. In other words, art the start of the marketing process, you pre-qualify the prospect.

So far, so good, but from then on the method you use will depend on what you are trying to achieve. If you are advertsing on Google Adwords or MSN you will probably be sending the prospect directly to the merchant's website. In this case, you want the prospect to be ready to buy, but you don't want him or her to be oversold.

You can achieve this by the way you word the advertisement. For example, if you are marketing an XYZ camcorder, you might actually say 'XYZ Camcorder $399'. Here you are making it plain that if the person clicks on the link, that particular camcorder will be available at that price. After that it is up to the merchant.

With this type of advertisement, the goal of your affiliate marketing is simply to get the prospect to the merchant's site so you make a commission. On the other hand, you might build a website rather than advertising, and here you need a very different approach from someone who is marketing his or her own product. Your job is to get the user interested in buying a camcorder, by explaining the advantages of the modern designs, and then offer him a link to get to the merchant. This is preselling, which is different from the way you would sell a product directly.

There is one more way of affiliate marketing that you need to master, and that is getting people to sign up for your list, and then getting them to want to buy from you. To do this, you need to win their confidence by giving them free information that is of value to them and their interests. You do this by setting up an autoresponder to send out messages regularly, some of which will presell products.

So you can see that although there are many similarities between internet marketing and affiliate marketing, you go about them in slightly different ways. But you do need different skills for affiliate marketing than for other marketing.
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