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Who Cares About Broadband Internet Anyways

Mar 20, 2008
Yes, not too long ago there was a company that launched Internet use into the average household. Remember the name AOL? AOL was pretty much the standard for Internet communications, even for many businesses. You waited for the sound of your modem to dial up and viola ... you had access to news, chat rooms, search engines, and a whole vast unknown world of web sites to explore.

While we all probably enjoyed the great wonder of the technology, dial up was a pain in the butt. We had to wait to connect and even then cross our fingers hoping we wouldn't be disconnected from our coveted connection. Disconnects led to newer and improved versions of AOL and birthed competing companies such as Earthlink promising fewer dropped connections online.

As people adapted to the Internet they began to want to surf the Internet faster to obtain more information and do more. To address the issue, many providers began creating dial up that claimed to be faster. The problem with the faster dial up was to get the optimal speed you had to sacrifice image quality or images altogether.

The cries of the consumer did not go unheard and DSL was marketed to the public as the more attractive option to downloading and viewing pictures while still browsing the world wide web. The big problem with DSL however was the cost. DSL was very expensive for it's day so many suffered at the hands of the slow dial up connections that first brought them Internet connectivity.

The days of over priced high speed Internet (broadband) are finally coming to an end, and at a very good time in web technology. With the addition of sticky sites such as YouTube and MySpace you cannot enjoy the sites without broadband.

Streaming video of comedic situations, live action, amazing events, and even friends and family are all posted on YouTube and you do not want to wait 15-20 minutes to watch a 5 minute video. Broadband allows video to play almost instantly creating an almost television like experience.

An additional benefit are software update downloads. Critical updates for your computer operating system as well as anti-virus programs can be made over the Internet without interrupting your surfing experience or tying up your phone line for 3 to 4 hours.

Not only does a broadband connection allow you to watch video, download programs, and surf the World Wide Web at incredible speeds, but you can actually use it to save on phone bills as well. With the invention of VoIP technology you can make unlimited calls throughout the United States from a regular phone by utilizing your broadband Internet connection through many VoIP providers.

Broadband allows you to also do instant messaging with relatives and friend with live video from a web camera keeping you closer to loved ones far away. The better your broadband connection the better quality of voice and video you will enjoy as well.

With broadband the uses are almost unlimited and time is less spent on aggravating long waits for whatever you want to do online. I think it's clear what the benefits are for having broadband Internet. Don't be at home without it.
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