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Ross Jardine Stock Investor Review

Mar 20, 2008
Is the Ross Jardine Stock Investor Right For You?

Most stock picking programs are about as accurate as the weatherman.
Is this one any different?

Who is Ross Jardine?

Ross Jardine is an author and entrepreneur. He has also been a stock trader for over 20 years. He was the co founder of INVESTools for which he was involved in a lawsuit in 2006. He recently began running radio and internet ads for the Ross Jardine Stock Investor Program.

What is the Ross Jardine Stock Investor Program?

You can get a free online tool kit, but if you want to order the full "Sucess Kit" you have to pay $395.00 plus shipping and handling. Obviously he won't give you any of the "secrets" for free. The Ross Jardine Stock Investor program also has a partnership with OptionXpress. OptionXpress charges you twice when making a trade once to get in and again to get out. The web site says you can start with a free trial but before you get anything of value you must fork over your credit card.

Why are they offering me a system with (sometimes) incredible gain claims?

I've found several negative quotes from Forums, Blogs, etc. On the contrary I've had a very hard time finding anyone, that wasn't selling the program, say anything good about it.

You should ask yourself, "Why are they offering me a system with (sometimes) incredible gain claims when they could be trading it themselves and skipping all the marketing, logistical, administrative, and accounting issues of going into the retail trader market?"

I couldn't find the answer to this question from the Ross Jardine Stock Investor Program. One program that does answer this question is " MARL". MARL is a stock trading robot that has some pretty good credentials. Check it out for yourself.

Just Like the Rest

Over promise under deliver. It should be the other way around. Most programs make great claims to fast wealth and then they nickle and dime you to death for more and more information. Ross Jardines Stock Investor program is looking to be just like most of the others. I'm not saying its a "Get Rich Quick" scheme but it does look like another program that gets you in and then tries to upsell you again and again. Buyer Beware.

Legit proven way to earn money

In saying this, there are resources that are 100% legitimate, and can build you a foundation for making money. These are NOT SCAMS, and they do not claim to get you rich overnight. They in fact use the best techniques and practices for earning money in the market, and they are essentially building the foundation for a lifetime of wealth for you.

If you are truly looking for an advantadge in the stock market I recommend trying the MARL Program it is new and will soon be featured on CNBC. Access is limited so another great option is a system called Forex Killer both come with a 100% money back guarantee, cost a fraction of the Ross Jardine system and are highly recommended by other traders.
About the Author
I'm Dan Calahan an Internet Entrepenuer and Investor. You can check out the programs I mentioned by clicking here MARL Program or Forex Killer
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