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The Top 4 Reasons Why Article Marketing Leads To Profits

Mar 20, 2008
There's an old saying: 'Practice makes perfect.' Article writing is no different. The first time you write an article, it will be hard. You'll spend minutes choosing the right words to convey a central thought, only to erase the sentence and start again. With practice, though, you sharpen your skills as a written communicator. The writing becomes easier and faster. When you do become a skillful article writer, why not leverage it to maximum profits.

Reasons Why Article Writing Really Works

* It's free advertising: You do not need money to market your writing skills. All you need to do is, write a good article and post it in a number of good article resource sites. Ezine owners will pick up your article and publish it in ezine.

* Your expertise gets noticed: A helpful article or an informative article gets noticed quickly. This gives a boost to your brand image and helps position you as an expert in your niche.

* Your business gets a marketing boost: You can leverage your writing skills to market your products or services. If you release a new product, write an informative & educational article that addresses one of the problems your product solves. Use your resource box (the author's biography) to direct traffic back to your website. Once you reach out to your target audience and help them directly, you are bound to see positive results.

* Your website gets a traffic boost: As your articles get posted on more websites, your search engine rankings rise. Also by including a link to your website in your resource box, you'll increase in the number of links back to your site will give a significant boost to your rankings and lead a steady stream of interested prospects to your door.

Hints On Article Writing

* Choose hot topics: Hot topics have a broad target audience. When you write well on a hot topic you invite wide readership. You can choose from many of the popular of topics of the day but make sure you're writing original stuff. If you write something new each time, your articles will be eagerly awaited.

* Read out loud: Each time you finish writing a new article, read out aloud. You will be first one to judge the flow of your article. Then take a break and have a look at your article again. A handy tip: let 24 hours pass between writing your first draft and the final copy. You are sure to find a new way to clean up your article.

* Proof read and edit : Ensure your article is free of spelling and grammar mistakes. Read your article thoroughly at least twice as automated spell checks may not catch all the mistakes. If you have a trusted friend or advisor who is a great detail person, ask them to proof read your article.

These tips will help you write better article. Remember: Article writing is a continuously evolving process. With time and patience you will learn what it takes to write informative articles that lead to increased profits. Happy writing!
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Deborah Carraro is a successful online entrepreneur who got started in the Inner Circle of top Online Entrepreneurs and now shares their business blueprints & article marketing secrets with you. Discover the secret science of article marketing at http://www.articlemarketingprofits.com
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