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A Call to Action for Your Site

Mar 20, 2008
Every website has a reason for existing in the Internet. There's a purpose behind every one of them. Whether it's to sell something or to tell the world about something that person thinks is important enough to share, every website has a point to get across. When you think about the rise in the last decade of the internet as an ecommerce tool, it becomes clear that people doing business on the internet need a way to distinguish their goods or service. They need to make clear what it is they want the person clicking onto their site to do. They need what's referred to as a call to action.

Consider the statistic that states the average person only stays on one site for an average of nine seconds before they click away if they don't see something that interests them. That means all merchants who ply their wares in cyberspace need to be direct and tell the prospective client what they want them to do. Typically that means buy something.

The call to action comes in various forms but once you've seen a few of them they become easily recognizable. The most effective of these calls use short phrases that are not unlike the spoken word. Some examples include: 'Call Now', 'For A Short Time Only', 'Act Now - Offer Expires Soon'.

There's something that you'll need to remember about the content of these messages as well. Find a balance in the wording and try not to go too far one way or the other. A call to action that's too conservative will not be effective and you don't want to sound too cheesy either and turn the client off.

When to use these calls to action is another consideration to look into. Most of the experts feel they can be used effectively at two different points through a website. The first is at the end of every topic through the content. Here, it's also a good idea if you have an eye to keyword phrases that you know your desired contacts use frequently. So, if you sell marketing software, a good call to action at the bottom of the page might read: 'Why Not Contact Us For Our Free Trial of Marketing Software Today?'

There are other considerations where the experts think it's best to use the call to action. One of these is throughout the text in various locations as subtle prompts to get the visitor to convert to customer. There is also a caution against the kind of pop up advertising most of us have seen on the internet. Most of the professionals in the marketing field see them as a rude interruption in the flow for the reader and prospective customer.

The call to action is a necessary part of any web marketing campaign. It is a clear concise way of telling the visitor exactly what you want them to do and how you want them to make the transition from visitor to customer.
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