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Online Traffic Formula Teaches How To Contact Your Target Markets

Mar 20, 2008
Have you been advertising your business online and your target market is now able to find you? What a great success this is. You probably feel like you can coast now, but wait. There is more you need to do. This is not just a one-way business. Yes, it is important that your target market finds you, but you also have to contact them. There are many programs on the Net such as the online traffic formula which goes over step by step just how to communicate the effective and productive way.

In-store businesses can print out cards and pamphlets that announce your online presence, and ask your customers if they would like to sign up for an online newsletter by giving you're their email address. This is super. They give you their information and you give them quality content.

So, now that you have their information, what should you do with it? Well, this contact information can be money in your pocket. You can now let them know about new products, updates or promotions. With this online newsletter, you don't have to pay for postage, and it takes much less time on your part. On your website, you can have a place for referrals. This is a great way for your contacts to let their friends and family know about your products and specials.

Don't be shy. Ask your customers and prospects for referrals and reward them for their efforts. You'll find that this an inexpensive, yet very effective return on your time and money.

You also want to make yourself seem as if you are an expert in the field. Write articles or hire someone to write them for you. These articles are not to sell the product, but to pre-sell. At the end of the article is your name and a link to your website. You can then submit these articles to different websites that it would be relevant to.

Speaking of websites, yours must be of good, relevant content. Don't stray away from the subject of the product you are trying to sell. Keep your target market interested and don't bore them with too much text.

Websites such as sales or capture pages are great tools to lock in your customers and make sales. It is crucial that your page is concise, to the point, and calls for action. Your want your customers to feel happy that they've opted in to your site.

A great free method which should be part of your online traffic formula is using blogs and forums. These are excellent free methods of advertising your links. Be sure to seek these out with care for relevancy.
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