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Promoting Your Internet Business The Correct Way

Mar 20, 2008
Entrepreneurs abound on the Internet from the savvy, slick types to the guy next door trying to make a buck selling his old junk in an eBay store. In today's world, when it comes to setting up and promoting yourself on the Internet, everyone is trying it. There is, however, a right way and a wrong way to accomplish this task. Some folks sign in to chatrooms on the off chance that they will find people of like mind who will want to visit their site. In the middle of the dialogue, these would-be promoters will launch into a salespitch. Others will go the unsolicited email route, spamming everyone and anyone they can find trying to drum up traffic. Unfortunately neither approach is successful; the person just winds up annoying the world.

Annoying is the operative word. Most people understand that when new business people come online, they make mistakes and will eventually stumble into the correct approach. As a result, they will simply ignore the chatroom promoter, kick them out and with email, delete it without reading it. Once the promoter learns the correct ways to approach netizens, then traffic acquisition is easy and straightforward.

So, how do you reverse the idea that advertising this way is the correct way to proceed? There are a number of easy, non-annoying ways to get your message across if you take a little time to learn the ropes. For example, forums have been taped for years as a genuine source of targeted, interested visitors for your website. You simply need to find forums geared to your business and sign up and start answering questions and participating.

Let's take this out of the abstract with a concrete example. Say you have a website that sells software that will allow a PC to receive satellite television. You find and join a forum of satellite TV lovers who watch it on their personal computer. They have discussion threads and questions which you and your business can answer.

Then go through the forum and answer questions or comment on other people's threads without talking about your website. People are already going to see your signature below your comments so before you know it, the forum has your name and website all over the posts and threads.

Test your signature just like you would any advertising by creating two landing pages. Check the visitor logs on both pages to see which signature draws the most attention. You can also use it to prove to yourself the need for picking relevant forums. Pick out two different types of forums: targeted to your niche and one that is broad and general. Use two different signatures, then check your logs. You will immediately realize the need for finding a forum that is close to your topic.

Forum advertising done the right way can be both effective and provide long-term traffic to your site. It is also time consuming in a world where most people don't have much time to spare. However, just remember, if you join a forum and only post once or twice a week, that will still build steady traffic. The impact is immediate and can last a great deal of time.
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