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Ebooks More Beneficial Than You Thought

Mar 20, 2008
I recently received an ebook on a topic I found interesting. The subject was well-written, concise - and was over in 20 pages.

A twenty-page ebook? Is that enough? Did I waste my money?

Actually a twenty page ebook that gets to the heart of an issue and leaves you with some tangible takeaway details may be better than a 150 page file that is packed with fluff.

By their very design ebooks are crafted for both niche markets and for solid information.

In ebook writing you need to know it's OK to stop writing when you have enough information. A twenty-page ebook could become a best seller.

For example let's say I purchase an ebook that features a very specific type of plumbing repair. The cost of the ebook was $10 and in 35 pages I had the diagrams and step-by-step instructions I needed to tackle and complete a plumbing repair.

I could have called a plumber to come and take care of the issue. The friendly plumber would arrive at my house, diagnose the problem and fix it within an hour. When the bill arrives it includes a fee for the service call, an hourly charge and parts.

Now, since the problem was not something I considered an emergency how did the two options compare?


Cost - $100
Time spent waiting - 2 hrs.
Plan of action - call for help and then wait
End result - problem solved and a reliance on the plumber to fix the problem again next time.


Cost - $10.00
Time spent in reading - 1 hr.
Plan of action - a trip the hardware store for parts
End result - new skill set and problem solved.

Ebooks work because they can provide niche materials for consumers who want to learn something that is not routinely available in a traditional bookstore. Ebooks can be made available at a fraction of the cost of traditional publishing and can focus attention on a very focused subject.

In essence most ebook consumers are not especially upset if a how-to ebook is relatively short. If the subject can be communicated in a short time that may actually make the manuscript seem more valuable because it didn't waste the reader's time.

Obviously technical manuals aren't the only types of ebooks available, the truth is ebooks can also be the focus of a business owner that has expertise in a subject that is not routinely addressed.

One of the key ways for an individual to make money is by selling their knowledge. This is often best expressed through consulting. Many individuals will take their knowledge and use it as part of a personal consulting program or a corporate training seminar. However, they also know that there would be many who could benefit from their experience, but could never afford to attend a seminar. This is where an ebook can be extremely relevant.

Because these individuals may command a significant sum of money to provide consultation sessions the ebook would not cover everything the seminar or consultation would. The ebook might provide some broad overviews with a few concrete steps the reader can use to facilitate change.

This same ebook can be used to market the seminar or consultation aspect of your business.

In this case the ebook can be helpful while providing enough evidence that attending your seminar might be in the readers best interest.
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