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Using Squidoo Lens For Building And Growing Traffic

Mar 20, 2008
I have been visiting allot of internet marketing forums and realized that one of the hottest topics around is Squidoo or Squidoo lens. Allot of Internet Marketers don't know what it is or how they can use it. Fist of all a lens is like a blog, you can go online and get a free account where you can post articles, upload pictures and invite friends to comment and allot of other cool features, but how can this increase your traffic? I did a little reading at several forums and this is some of the tactics I found were being used by the experts.

Tactic #1

After doing a keyword search and deciding what keywords you want to use find a topic relevant to those keywords that is interesting accurate and good then write an article about it, if you are not an expert article writer don't worry you can use a ghostwriter to write your article. The article should be between five hundred to six hundred words which have 4-5 paragraphs. Now when setting up your lens choose "just do your own thing" and then add four text modules take your article and add them into all four modules using a different paragraph for each. Then place an affiliate link on your keywords in each of the modules then publish. If done correctly this is a good way to get all the traffic you need to both yours and yours affiliates' site


Open your lens account with unique and original content; you want your articles to be written with high traffic keywords that have little competition for those keywords in the search engines. Start building back links on your lens to improve its rank in the search engines, also make sure to include you affiliate links that would point back to the site of what ever goods or service that you are promoting this will increase your traffic.

Tactic #3

Try to update your lens at least once per week, all the search engines especially Google like this and you would be rewarded by improved page rank in the search engines. It is always better to have an up to date profile, for some reason lens owners who have pictures in there bio seem to be favored than those who don't, so try to put in a picture and have your bio up to date increase page rank means increase traffic.

Tactic # 4

Visit other lenses in your niche market and sign there guestbook leaving a hyperlink back to your lens and try participating in SquidU leaving your link in the sig file. Visit forums in your related market and do some forum marketing and always reliable article marketing to improve hits to your lens, basically all the normal traffic building tactics would work on lenses and simply sent the incoming traffic to your web page. If you would like to know more on this topic check out the link below to get a free copy of "Dotcomology" the art of making money at home on the internet.
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