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The Significance In Work Productivity

Mar 20, 2008
Who would not want to ensure work productivity in any business? Whether you are managing or operating a business of your own, you would definitely want to ensure productivity in the work place. The good thing about it is that there is indeed something you can do to better the chances of ensuring work productivity. An effective way to do this is actually to implement what is known as strategic leadership.

Just what is strategic leadership? Well, this concept can be self-explanatory on its own. Even when you separate both concepts of strategy and leadership, you would still be able to define both of them clearly. But just so we can come up with a common definition for strategic leadership, it is actually pertaining to one's ability to anticipate, to prepare, and to be better positioned for the future.

Strategic leadership is definitely a concept you have to be familiar with if you want to work environment to be conducive to productivity. And it is definitely a concept that can greatly assist when businesses reach their all-time low. Let us take the hypothetical situation of a merger here. More specifically, let us suppose that a smaller firm has been bought out by a larger one, due to financial setbacks. If you would take a look at the bigger picture, this merger or buy-out can actually help the smaller firm a great deal. But then again, from the point of view of the workers, this is actually a change most would not welcome. This is because they would see the cons of the situation more clearly than the pros. And there would definitely be cons, in the form of retrenchment for some of the employees whose job positions are not really indispensable in nature. Thus, with the onset of retrenchment, there would definitely be a lot of negative vibes in the air, especially for the ones who are still employed in that merger. If you have been appointed to be the interim leader of the remaining employees, what can you do to foster productivity back into the work environment?

Strategic leadership is the key here. Remember that you would not be chosen to become the interim leader, had you not displayed abilities of being a good leader in the first place. Revel in that fact and use that to your advantage. Charisma is actually one important quality leaders typically have, and having charisma would certainly be advantageous in this situation as well. Be initially prepared for whatever tasks are required of you as a leader, and do everything it takes to complete all of them. Being a good example of work ethics and good morale can motivate people to perform better in the work place. By being a great example, you can then be the strategic leader everyone is hoping you to be.

Being a strategic leader, you should also find ways and means to encourage your team members to perform better and more productively. You can offer incentives, for starters. Do not be stingy when it comes to giving praises. Remember to give credit where and when it is due. Motivation is a sure result when you do this. And where there is motivation, there will definitely be work productivity.
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