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Laying Out The Road To Sales Productivity

Mar 20, 2008
What is a business without sales and productivity? It would become an utter failure, right? This is because both sales and productivity are very much needed when it comes to ensuring the success of a certain business. But when you coin these two concepts together, the resultant concept may be a bit too vague for you. Still, when you are in the volatile world of business, it is very important to understand the concept as much as possible.

What exactly is sales productivity all about it? What does this concept have that requires much importance from companies all over the world? To completely grasp the concept, you need to define both concepts of productivity and sales separately.

In its most basic form, productivity is actually labor in its total amount, as needed in accomplishing certain tasks or processes entailed in the operations of a certain company. Let us take the common scenario of content writing, for instance. The typical writer can complete an assigned task of 5 different topics in a span of 1 to 2 days. This is the usual flow of the typical content writer, during an ordinary work day. But there certainly comes a time when there would be a rush project that the content writer needs to complete as soon as possible. For example, the rush project comes in, and 20 different topics are to be assigned to the writer. What's more, the rush project has to be completed within the same designated period, which is 2 days at the most. If you were in the position of the content writer, then it would be fair to say that you would not be completing just 5 topics in a day. Roughly, you would have to complete 10 topics in a single workday. In this scenario, there should then be a delicate balance between quality and quantity, for you can never sacrifice either of the two. Thus, for your business to be more productive, the management should develop says and means for writing potential to be maximized without having to sacrifice the quality of the articles produced in the whole process.

The concept is pretty similar when you have sales in mind. Let us say that the monetary equivalent of your efforts in writing an article amounts to $5. That article is then sold to your client at $10, which means you have a net profit of $5. But as you get better in your craft, it would be expected that your sales cost would also decrease. However, if your sales cost remains the same, then something is definitely wrong with the picture. You have certainly become stagnant when it comes to productivity.

Now that you have defined both concepts individually, it would be then easier to combine both into the resultant concept of sales productivity. Because the resultant concept is just the combination of both. By ironing out which aspects of your business you can improve on to maximize productivity, at the same time lowering sales costs on your end, then you can definitely see much improvement for your business in no time at all.
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