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How To Add 5 Highly Profitable Income Streams To YOUR Website Today

Mar 21, 2008
Are you having a website that is not fetching the income you expected? Are you puzzled, and not been able to figure out what exactly has to be done in order to improve it? I suppose you would have bought all the PDF's, Audio, Video, MP3 files available on the net to help you improve on this.

Are they working? Think again...

There are many unanswered questions about these SIX and SEVEN figures income that these Internet GURU'S generate online. TRUST ME it's still a mystery for many of us out there. When I started giving a thought about these ways of generating income to my website, the thing that struck my mind was the most profitable 5 ways of income streams.

Today I'm here to share with you about these 5 income streams and how I have made use of them to generate quite BIG sum of money by following some simple steps:

Income Stream #1

Amazon products - Products from Amazon can be listed strategically on every page of your website. All the ads that reflect on the website will carry YOUR affiliate link to Amazon. Signing up for the Amazon associate program is free. You will also get HTML code to insert into any of your web pages.

Income Stream #2

ClickBank Products - Relevant and "hot" products from ClickBank can be peppered throughout the website. ClickBank pay 40% to 75% of the sales to affiliates. All you need to do is place some ads with CB nickname and all the ads will carry YOUR ID. When someone buys any product via CB, you get paid!

Income Stream #3

Adsense - There are certain number of visitors who do not buy anything from your website. Why waste the bandwidth? Let them click on contextual ads from Adsense and you get paid for each one of those clicks. Display some Google Ads on your website and get paid for all the clicks you get.

Income Stream #4

Chitika - This is another leading network for physical goods. Contextual ads are automatically displayed on every page of the website. As usual, when someone buys, you get paid. If you have not yet registered for Chitika eMiniMall, register (free) and use them on your website.

Income Stream #5

Affiliate Products - Earn upto 75% of sales from leading and contextual affiliate products listed throughout the website. Find high paying affiliate products from other marketers and display those on your web pages. You can easily find hundreds of thousands of affiliate products by visiting your favourite search engine or logging on to leading affiliate directories. You can also find products to sell at ClickBank, Commission Junction, ClixGalore etc.
If all these sounds a helluva lot of work to you, you are not alone. In fact, many people on the Internet want instant gratification and like to get everything on a silver platter. If you are one of these, then all you need to do is find websites that are already LIVE and purchase the entire website.

You can then add the various income streams easily. I suggest you to go for the ones that are readily available because promoting your new website may take a few months time before you start seeing your first sale.
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