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How Video Can Boost Your Squeeze Page Conversions

Mar 21, 2008
Video presentation is becoming increasingly popular as a way of selling products and can also help to increase your squeeze page conversions by sending more interested visitors to your squeeze page, becoming more believable and also capturing visitors' attention.

The use of visual presentation in practice brings back the vendor-customer relationship online. If in the past, the main difference between selling online and conventional sales was the lack of self presentation of the seller, today it is no longer the case.

Visual sales help to increase sales by bringing back the personal approach in sales where the customer can be convinced personally again.

Video has become very popular and can lead to an increase of traffic and conversions by creating a familiar face behind a product and catching visitors' attention.

Web Video Captures Visitors' Attention

The first advantage of using web video on your squeeze pages is that it helps to capture visitors' attention. This is the first step to getting conversions and if you can more effectively get your visitors' attention you will get a high squeeze page conversion rate.

Web Video Can Make You More Credible and Trustworthy

Another way that web video can help to boost your squeeze page conversions is by making you more trustworthy and reliable in the eyes of your visitors. Spam is a common problem today and so people are getting more wary about just giving out their email addresses. If you have a video of yourself on your squeeze page you show people that you are a real person and encourage them to trust you more.

Web Video Can Condense a Longer Message into a Few Minutes

Another advantage of using web video to boost your conversion rates is that video allows you to say in a few minutes what would take a couple of pages to write. People may not be willing to wade through that many pages but they may be more willing to listen to you giving them the benefits of signing up to your opt-in list or giving you their email address.

Video Can Add Novelty to Your Squeeze Pages

Where plain text squeeze pages can appear dull and boring, video can help to make your squeeze page more interesting and so increase conversion rates as people become more interested in what you have to offer.

Send More People to Your Squeeze Pages with Web Video

Another way you can use web video to increase your conversion rate is by actually sending more people to your squeeze page by using web video. Distributing videos on YouTube and other video websites, you can get more people to watch and then if they are interested in what you have to offer they can get sent to your squeeze page.

Video is becoming very popular as a way to promote your business online and can help to increase your conversion rates from your squeeze pages. This is done by capturing your visitors' attention, making yourself more believable and condensing a message of a few pages into a couple of minutes of watching.
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