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Predicting the Future of Online Marketing

Mar 21, 2008
This month I am dusting off my crystal ball with just 3 predictions for what I see lays ahead in the online marketing space for 2008. No guarantees of course - just a few things you may want to look out for.

Prediction No 1 - The amount of effort required to keep your email marketing audience engaged and still active will increase by a third. With a high percentage of this work focusing on improving the relevance of your content and / or the value of the offers you provide.

My rationale? Spam will continue unabated - as I have mentioned earlier in this edition 70% to 90% of all email falls into this category. (Even with local and oveseas legislation in force.)

People will start to look with disdain at this online channel as it becomes so clogged with rubbish. This will result with them being very choosy with what they spend time reading. (For those wanting to build a list - pack in some solid value for subscription.)

No 2 - Time poor consumers will continue to take advantage of the online space when purchasing new services and products. I have a few reasons for this one - here they are as questions for you to ponder. What do you prefer - visiting a mall or a website? When was the last time you used the Yellow Pages? How about Google? Of your preferred ones, which could you easily do while at work?

No 3 - Online marketers will treasure and pamper those responsible for writing their copy. Here are just four reasons for this one. Email copy: now it not only needs to grab your subscribers attention and convince them to act but it has to navigate through super complex spam filters.

Landing page copy: yes you will get more eyeballs to this page but its the copy that will convert them to customers. Website copy: with up to 70% of all internet traffic starting at a search engine your search rankings are as important as ever. Web page copy written with both the visitor and the search engine in mind is a key part of your ranking success.

So there are my predictions for the year ahead.

What would yours be?
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