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Job Opportunities In Thailand

Mar 21, 2008
Thailand is a South Asian nation that lies in the east of Cambodia and Laos; Malaysia and Gulf of Thailand. Thailand is 49th largest country that can be compared to the size of California and France. In terms of economy, Thailand is a burgeoning industrial economy that has seen highest growth rate during the period of 1985 to 1996. Being an Asian country, Thailand culture is greatly influenced from China and India. The official language of Thailand is Thai and according to 2006 census its population is 62,828,706 with a density of 122km square. Major religion of Thailand is Buddhism.

However, if you are looking for job opportunities in Thailand, it is the best country to live as it has low cost of living. Incase you are looking for a teaching profession especially English, Thailand holds great prospects for teachers who want to eke out a living in Thailand for education.

Given the natives who are not well educated, for foreigners, it is best opportunity to start off with a lucrative teaching career that helps in making a good living. Teaching English is one of the constant demands in Thailand. However, in the present scenario, the high demand of English teachers has resulted in the downfall of remuneration. Yet, teaching is the best job that an outsider can take course to in Thailand. Some other important sectors for livelihood include tourism and hospitality industry as Thailand attracts a large number of foreigners to its shores for its breathtaking locales and natural scenery. In case you are planning to live in Bangkok, Bangkok is known for its thriving international market with high rate of property.

Given the low cost of labor and affordable housing sector, many MNC are coming with their establishments in Bangkok. This phenomenon has led to large turnover of expatriates to Bangkok. Thailand's attractive features of ownership laws, condominiums and apartments for foreigners make it the best choice for foreign investors. Bangkok real estate attracts both middle and higher class investors who are employed in the MNC sector. The high demand of MNC sector is churning large scale job opportunities for managerial and CEO posts. This has made Thailand a cosmopolitan nation that welcomes all its visitors with open arms. Well, if you are well educated and can speak English, you won't find much difficulty in finding a suitable job.

For skilled individuals, there is simply no dearth of jobs in Thailand as it is catering to a large numbers of skilled professionals. For foreigners, Thailand is a haven that offers tourism as well as employment facilities. The state policies towards foreign employment facilities make it a suitable destination for large number of workers who come from various parts of the world in the search of livelihood.

So, if you want to visit Thailand for employment purpose, it is a favorable place that helps you in finding a suitable profession of your choice. For businessmen, Thailand is a perfect destination for economic activities. In case you are looking for a job in Thailand, you certainly have a bright prospect.
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