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Attracting People To Your Network Marketing Business- Lead Generation

Mar 21, 2008
When joining a network marketing business, distributors become excited about the new business opportunity. After all, this type of business is an excellent way of acquiring a vehicle to reach financial goals. However, this business is network marketing and nearly everyone today seems to hate the thought of network marketing.

The easiest way to approach this business is to talk to family and friends and any casual acquaitances. Surprisingly, this seems to be the downfall of many distributors. They do not seem to handle the humiliation and rejection when people close to them discover that they have joined one of those pyramid schemes.Selling to family and friends does not seem to work for most people.

There are two options which distributors to can carry out when moving away from the family and friends list, also known as the " warm market ".

Buying Leads

Lead brokers can provide telemarketing lists at quite a high price. Even though these leads are advertised as fresh, they might have been sold many times. On top of all this, it is unknown how these leads have been generated. There is also a skill in coverting these leads by using conference and presentation calls. There is also such a thing as " closing the sale " skills. For the new network marketer, buying leads is good way of burning money.

Generating Your Own Leads

The internet has paved the way for this type of lead generation. It allows business owners to have a tool which attracts other people to them. People who want to find out about what the business owner has to offer. Some network marketers are building their downline organizations simply by using their own websites to attract their prospects.

How To Generate Your Own Leads

Internet mastery has to be learnt. You can attract people to your products or you can be a solutions provider. You can even do both of them. However, it is recommended that the solutions provider side of the business is dealt with first as this is what brings business builders into any organization and thus enhances the process of duplication. In both cases, you can generate your own targeted leads by:

-presenting yourself as somone who knows what they are talking about.In this way, you will offer value to your prospects.

-building websites and blogs about network marketing which have capture forms where visitors can opt in to receive free reports or ebooks which have been executed by you.

-promoting yourself to people who are looking for what you have to offer.

-presenting ample content so that you can build a relationship with your leads before you even discuss your offer.
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Erik Gifford is a network marketer who is passionate about the success of other network marketers.You can get help with building your network marketing business in the new model by creating a free account at the Renegade University.
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