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Google Adwords: Getting the Ball Rolling

Mar 21, 2008
Google Adwords with catchy titles get more clicks than the less interesting ads. They can even beat those which are higher up on the webpage.

To create effective Adwords one should keep in mind that:

The Adword description should include the USP of the product, as well as the right amount of information to discourage customers who are unqualified. The ad should be clear about what is on sell and what people can expect.

It should also include what makes the concerned product or service different from the competitors.

The URL should help the customers to go to the most relevant page in the site. The link should be updated regularly and it should be functioning properly.

At the beginning, one should create the most effective possible list of keywords. The aim should be to avoid the same keywords on which everyone else is bidding.

Otherwise the clicks will end up being very expensive. Wordtracker.com or any of the keyword search tools available can be used to find out the keywords that have a high number of searches but less number of competitors.

It is better to bid on the right number of low-cost keywords than to go for an expensive bid on a popular keyword. It will be intelligent to put a limit on the budget, which will allow one to control the amount of the monthly expenditure.

To avoid clicks from people who are looking for a related product that one does not offer, specific words should be included.

The above gives a brief and basic concept about Google Adwords which has certainly created a stir in the online community for its in depth applicability and practical orientation.

AdWords are advertising tools used on the Internet. They generally appear in the form of small text ads. The placement of the ad is decided by the words that the advertisers bid on. Google has a different approach compared to most other search engines when it comes to Adwords.

It uses detailed calculations and advertisement popularity in order to decide about the placement. So, when an ad is frequently clicked upon, it can acquire a better position than the one that has got a better bid. Google gives importance to significance and relevance. So one should develop ads that can attract high interest among the target audience.

There are many other benefits of advertising with Adwords.

The ad will be displayed immediately. No one has to wait for websites to appear in daily listings.

These ads can have high target-potentials. So, one has to pay for only that click that results from a genuine interest.

With Adwords, one can run more than one ad campaign simultaneously. This enables one to judge and monitor the results and improve the quality of the ads on display.

Adwords also helps the advertiser to track the percentage of sales generated by a particular ad. This is called the conversion rate or percentage.
Thus using Adwords is a simple and effective marketing tool that can enrich a marketing campaign.

While creating Adwords, the title is the key element for attracting attention. The keyword should be included and made as eye-catching as possible to avoid getting lost in the crowd.
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