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The Importance of Diversification in Affiliate Marketing

Mar 21, 2008
Diversification is very important if you want to make your living our of affiliate marketing. In fact, it is due to various reasons. First of all, the markets change from time to time and the desire for a certain product may also change. For example, the desire for weight loss pills may be higher in summer time since people would like to be fit and put on their swimming suits to show off on the beach.

Besides the problems associated with the markets, there can also be problems related to the merchants or sponsors. The companies which offer the affiliate programs may sudden close down. You will not get the income if the happens. Your hosting company can also collapse without notice. You can imagine how troublesome it will be if all your sites are hosted in one single company.

You may have spent days and even monthly to get a good rank in the search engine. However, it is also possible that the rank will drop significantly within a day if Google and Yahoo change their rule of ranking. You will lose tons of traffic when the ranking of the site drops.

Due to the above reasons, it is extremely important for you to diversify if you would like to be successful in the field of affiliate marketing. And below are some tips for you to do this.

You will need to join different affiliate programs. Of course these programs should be good programs. You may consider some famous ones such as ClickBank, Commission Junction and Azoogle. In case a a merchant suddenly close down, you will still have ways to make money.

It is also very important for you to be involved in a few different niche markets. Some marketers tend to think that it is better to concentrate in one market since they will have better control on their websites. However, it is not totally true. If you do not want to penetrate too many markets, you may just concentrate in three to five markets. However, it is not recommended to concentrate in one market only.

Never host all your websites in one hosting company. Useless you only have one website, you should try to put the websites in different hosting companies. You may think that it is a lot easier for you to control the websites if you stick to one hosting company. Yes it is true to some extent. However, there can also be problems. Your sites will all be down if the hosting company suddenly closes down!

One last thing is that, you should try various methods when marketing your website. Some marketers will just rely on one method in terms of marketing. However, it will render you problems if this method does not work again. That is why you have to use different methods when marketing the site.

Diversification is always one of the keys of successful affiliate marketing. You should bear this in mind and you will be just one step away from success.
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