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Starting a Marketing Website

Mar 21, 2008
Getting an internet marketing website up and running can be a very daunting task indeed. Some questions you'll want to ask yourself is, what are my expectations for a good website? What am I trying to emphasize to get the desired results from my website? How do I plan to achieve the desired results that will project my website professionally, and create enough interest for my visitors to stay long enough to read and understand what I have to say?

Designing a good marketing website and creating a successful online business requires tremendous effort, thought, extensive planning, serious, and constant fine-tuning. Without all these factors, the vast amount of time, money and effort will ultimately be wasted.
Consider the following points to achieve a successful internet marketing website:

(1) Content

Content is the meat and potatoes of any and all successful marketing websites. You can have as much color, animation, audio, and video as you want, but content will make or break your website. If your visitors are not drawn to, or absorbing what you are trying to convey, you have lost a potential customer.

(2) Planning

Draft a plan on paper of what you would like your website to look like and what is the exact purpose for the website? This is important because this will set the tone for the not only the rest of your website, but your promotional and advertising tactics as well. Without a well constructed plan you might as well be trying to sell hot dogs at the intersection of two country roads. Use whatever works for you, write it down, draw pictures, whatever is going to make the most sense to you. Most importantly, by putting something on paper, it forces you to think about it before you act.

(3) Design

The design of your internet marketing website is extremely important when you consider that a visitors mind is made up in the first several seconds whether to stay or leave. Your design must make its intention and desirability very clear, and, on the top half of your web page. This is critical, your most important message has to be visible on your opening page. If a visitor cannot comprehend what you are conveying when opening your website he/she will leave. Your opening page should be very concise and to the point, you can present the details after you have captured their interest.

(4) Construction Of A Marketing Website

This doesn't present much of a problem due to the availability of free and paid for software programs that will generate web pages for you. Expect to go through a learning curve as you familiarize yourself with the software, but as anything new, practice make perfect. Of course there is always the option of hiring a web design company which will build a turnkey website for you. Take your time with the process no matter which route you choose to take. Your website is who and what your business is.

I hope I have shed some light and provided some food for thought on Internet Marketing.
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