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Smooth Sailing with an ASP Shopping Cart

Mar 21, 2008
An ASP shopping cart program has helped many small business website owners find their way to success. It is not uncommon to run across a website whose shopping cart program is either too big or too small for the amount of merchandise being offered. This can hurt a website even if it is professionally designed and offers only the finest quality goods.

Those who shop online often do so for the convenience; however, there is a good amount of safety that is expected as well. A shopping cart program that is slow to move or stalls does not communicate convenience or safety to a customer. It is likely that customers will waste no time taking their business elsewhere.

In order for any website to process sales successfully, the right size program will always be an essential element. Just as with a brick and mortar store, long drawn out and confusing checkout processes will only frustrate a customer. Once a website gets a reputation for a lousy checkout system, it can be hard to woo customers back.

A number of individuals just starting out tend to find an ASP shopping cart program provides the best advantages. This is especially true since a third party provider can host this type of system. Those new to owning a small website may not have the time or the experience to invest in designing their own shopping cart system.

A vast majority of storefront providers focus on offering a user-friendly system that requires no programming skills or technical knowledge. Many site owners use this type of program until their skills get to where they are comfortable personally customizing their checkout system. Until then, one can count on their third party provider to make sure their system is free of snags and always up and running.

Another benefit of choosing an ASP shopping cart is that it can be easily installed in an already established website. Companies often provide site owners with a knowledgeable tech support system to make sure all software interfaces smoothly. In addition, companies typically offer a money back guarantee if a site owner is not satisfied with the way the system works.

One central element of setting up a checkout system is establishing accepted payment methods. Companies offering bundle packages often deal with these aspects so site owners do not have to. Affordable packages can be found with not only the payment methods already set in place but the merchant accounts securely established as well.

Offering customers a variety of payment methods is not only handy; it can lead to better sales, especially when offering payment methods via electronic check or PayPal. Allowing for only a couple of different payment types can severely reduce a site's customer base. However, as the majority of online shoppers use credit cards to pay for their purchases, it is important to have a shopping cart system that is compliant with all credit card processing regulations.

A quality software package will also allow site owners track sales and profits. Owning any kind of business will require keeping accurate records of such things as sales tax totals. It is also useful for keeping track of what payment methods are used most and when.

While offering good quality merchandise can draw customers to a site, a well put together shopping cart package can mean repeat customers. With a number of websites to compete with, the last thing a site owner wants to do is give their competition more business. If one decides to draw in customers with online coupons and discounts, it is imperative to have an ASP shopping cart system that can deftly handle these types of transactions.
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