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Article Marketing For Lucrative Returns - With Authority

Mar 21, 2008
Lucrative article marketing has everything to do with having several elements in place and working for you. There are several different ways to use article marketing into anyones scheme of promotions and generating leads.

It does not really matter if you are an affiliate marketer, a network marketer or a small business owner trying to generate some good traffic to buy a few pieces of artwork from your website.

Article marketing can address all of these concerns very effectively when used in the proper context of the methods you need to write the articles for as a tool.

Article marketing is a tool. Used effectively, article marketing will be that promotional vehicle that will generate leads for you no matter what you are trying to sell.

The key to article marketing and bringing a lucrative return is very simple. The article needs to address the subject in such a way as to sway the reader to your knowledge about the subject so you are perceived as the expert.

If your cause is a product you are marketing about "Losing Love Handles", then you better know how to lose those love handles and write a few compelling articles about this subject. Readers will need to be convinced you are the expert, you are the person that knows the answers to losing the love handles.

Article marketing is giving voice to expert advice or information. Human nature is like that. When people are looking for answers, they are followers looking for a leader.

When you write your articles offering solutions, you are in a role to provide people with the answers, therefore, becoming a leader, the expert.

Authority is not often discussed in article marketing, but it is a major element to inducing the readers.

So much advice is given over to writing informatively, creatively, conversationally, and quickly. This is all great advice, but there is one key element to article marketing that seems to stay in the shadows.

Write With Authority

If you want lucrative returns on your article marketing investment, do not be afraid to step up to the plate and be that authority about the subject you are marketing.

If you are on some shaky ground with your topic, then learn it. Know your topic inside and out. It makes a dramatic difference in your writing when you are really in control. Your whole personality will shine through letting your readers know "Hey! I know what I'm talking about, so pay attention!"

When someone talks about an article being compelling, you can bet that the writer was an expert in the subject matter.

When you are the expert, you can fall into an article writing mode that conveys to readers "This is no hype, I mean what I say!" That is strong and so powerful! When you can write with conviction, you will be making a lucrative income with your articles.

Being the expert is not about being the know-it-all. Talking with your audience and not talking down to them from up on some pedestal works the best. No one wants to listen to a know-it-all personality. Being informative with conviction is not the same as being condescending to your readers.

Knowing the market you are writing for will certainly give you a much clearer direction about what type of voice to speak from. After everything is considered, the best voice to use will be your own with conviction.
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