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Article Marketing For Sales

Mar 21, 2008
There are many different ways that article marketing is being used by almost everyone that is doing business on the Internet. As a group, Internet marketers use article marketing primarily to generate traffic, directing the flow to a promotional site. From here, this traffic will convert to a lead or a sale. Much of the traffic will leave unconverted.

There are many Internet marketers that will have their article traffic go directly to their promotional site, or their company's squeeze page for a quick, direct sale only.

There are many thousands of affiliate marketers that put their article marketing efforts toward the quick and easy sale. They simply do not want to waste any time. The traffic that is generated to these marketers promotional site will either buy the product or they won't.

Many affiliate marketers do not even have promotional websites of their own. They rely on their affiliate company's link that they place at the bottom of their articles. This link is unique and contains the coded identification of the marketer so he or she gets credit from sales. The article reader clicks on the affiliate's link for more information and the company takes the ball from there when the reader arrives at the company's promotional page.

Then there are the Internet marketers who use article marketing for list building purposes. The list builders are not marketing for the "fast buck". They have more patience and more of an investment in their campaigns. You could say the list builders create a buffer zone for the prospect to relax into before hitting them up for the sale.

List builders will write their articles, leaving the reader wanting more information. This additional information can be provided by visiting their promotional website and signing up for a free newsletter or weekly tip sheet. This will be sent to them through the email. The list builder will then collect the readers information when they sign up, adding them to the list of prospects.

Article marketing and list building go hand and hand. Together this creates a very powerful list building machine. Once a lead is added to the list, they begin receiving weekly newsletters or updates from the marketer about the particular subject that the list builder is marketing.

A good list builder realizes it is a numbers game being played out. A good Internet marketer that builds lists will have hundreds, if not thousands of prospects to send out to on a regular time table.

A great list builder will send out updated information about his market to induce the prospect to become a sale. Sooner or later, many prospects will become converted into a sale because of this technique.

Almost every "network" marketer that uses article marketing will be a list builder. MLM operations are all about getting prospects into their downlines.

A good network marketer will be recruiting others into their own downline by supplying prospects with email updates and information about the wonderful MLM company he or she is a part of. Article marketing and list building techniques are the life blood of Internet based MLM companies.

When used in conjunction, there is no denying that article marketing and list building can create a very solid income for the Internet marketers that are willing to learn how to use these techniques.
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