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Spread the Word About Your VIP Service

Mar 21, 2008
Your restaurant is only as good as the word of mouth about it. If you're not causing a stir with your good service, you won't be bringing in the high quality clientele. Champagne buckets and personalized meal plans only go so far to cause your clients to do the marketing for you. You need to learn how to effectively market your VIP service too.

Be as Good as Your Reputation

When you want good word of mouth, you need to make sure your restaurant can hold up under scrutiny. That is, you need to be as good as you want people to think you are. Try to come up with a list of special services you can offer to your clients and then make sure that every guest gets a taste of this list.

This can be something a simple as a free drink with dinner or beautifully arranged meals -- it doesn't have to cost you any money. But create an impression with each and every guest when they eat at your restaurant. This is going to get people talking and it keeps people coming in.

Advertise Where Your Customers Are

Advertising is somewhat of an archaic form of marketing, it seems. After all, you don't see world class restaurants advertising in the newspapers. What you need to do is look at where your ideal customers already are. For example, if you want to appeal to the rich and famous, you need to be advertising in the hotels where they might be staying. Talk with the hotel to see if you can get listed in the services they recommend to their guests so that you can get and stay noticed.

If you are looking to cater to the business class, you need to advertise with tourism bureaus and with travel agencies. This way, you will encourage a trip to your restaurant as a part of their travel plans.

When you're a healthy restaurant, you might want to advertise at fitness centers and spas as a part of a healthy spa day -- check with the businesses to see how you can both benefit from this type of situation.

Press Releases Work

Creating validity for your restaurant is one of the most important marketing tricks you can learn. Write or have someone else write up a press release that explains the benefits of your restaurant. This release should be sent to press release websites as well as to your local newspaper entertainment section to help spread the word about your place.

Honestly, people believe everything they read and see online, so getting your restaurant 'noticed' in this way is going to bring more people in the door. This article should be factual without being sales-y and it should describe various things your restaurant offers that no others do. Since it looks like 'news,' the reader will be more likely to find out more.
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