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Giving Your Guest the Personal Attention They Deserve

Mar 21, 2008
Being a restaurant owner is hard work. Not only do you have to watch out for food issues, but you also have to constantly court your guests to make sure they come back. But there's one way you can make sure your guests come back every time -- give them personalized attention. Sound like too much work? Perhaps not. Here's all you need to do.

Act Like They're the Only One

It's the simple things that make your guest feel like they are someone special in your 'home' for their meal. Look them in the eye, check in on them when they're done with their meal, etc. Create dining areas where your guests can feel as though they're the only ones in the room. Also, teach your wait staff to ignore any other requests from other guests until they are done serving the person in front of them. Though this interruption doesn't happen a lot, you can help to create a one on one connection by ensuring that the guests in front of the server are their main focus at the time.

Whatever They Need

If your guest wants something that your menu does not list, make sure you can do it anyway. It's amazing how quickly word gets around when you turn someone down for something. Make sure you are constantly stocked with menu items and other potential items your guest might need. For example, if they should spill something on their lap, have additional pieces of clothing for them to wear as well as stain removal chemicals and cloths. Always have maps of the area or allow them to make calls to other facilities if their cell phone dies.

Anticipate Their Requests

By always being one step ahead of your guests, you will ensure that you are customizing their experience and guaranteeing that they come back. From serving their meals on a mahogany room service tray to making sure they have their drinks and meals at the appropriate times, each restaurant meal should feel as though they are celebrating some grand event, even if they're just too lazy to cook one night.

Other ways to make sure your guests feel at home include:

- Having all of the proper utensils on the table when needed, but not before.
- Offer to light a candle for their table if it seems to be a romantic evening.
- Offer specials custom tailored to the group.
- Ask if they have any special needs you might be able to honor.

Going above and beyond? That's the definition of good customer service and it's also imperative for a successful restaurant.
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