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Attract more Business from your Website

Mar 21, 2008
Why isn't your Web site attracting business? You took the time to obtain the site, looked at the tutorials, and created pages you can be proud of. so why isn't anyone noticing?

Your Website

You put time and care into your Web site, but your site isn't actually made for you alone. People who create Web pages do so for a reason - to sell or buy products, to meet people, to expound on opinions and ideas, to get money, the list goes on and on. But if your Web site isn't attracting business and traffic from visitors, your site certainly isn't doing you much good.

Even when you create a Web site you think is great, chock-full of useful and important information, this doesn't always mean your site is going to attract business and lots of hits. People have to be able to find your site, and they have to be attracted by the information contained on those Web pages. Building a site doesn't automatically guarantee visitors. In all cases, it takes a lot more to create a high-traffic, business-attracting site anyone would be proud to own.

Sometimes, the best way to achieve the desired result for a Web site is to hire a professional. Professional Web designers make it their business to create compelling, attractive, high-traffic sites. You make the call, they do the work - creating a great site doesn't get much more simple than that.

Optimizing a Web Site

Internet visitors find Web sites through several methods, but by far the most popular tool for finding sites is the search engines. Easy to use, search engines provide a list of related Web sites when any user types in certain words - keywords. In order for people to find your site, you have to use optimization to gain the attention of search engines. Get the search engines to notice your site, and you will get the visitors you crave. Search engine optimization is accomplished through creating content (text) on Web pages. This content must be filled with keywords related to your site. For instance, if your site is all about fly fishing you want to have lots of content containing those important keywords.

Advertise Your Site

Want your site to attract lots of juicy new business? You have to advertise the fact that you have a Web site to begin with. Make sure to include the address of the Web site on all printed business materials. Include the site name and address on all business cards, company letter heads, even paperwork such as receipts and invoices. The business Web site should become part of the company address, and appear wherever the address is featured. It is even a good idea to include the Web site address on company signs and vehicles where business logos appear.

Making the Web site address highly visible is a great way to get new and existing customers onto the site, which opens up a whole new world of Internet commerce and income. But there are many other ways to advertise a Web site which ought to be explored. Try online marketing tactics such as emailed advertisements and announcements, public forums where you can post your web site address, and link exchanges.

Link exchanges take place between your Web site and another, existing, Web site. Both parties agree to put a link to the other's site on one of their pages. This way, their visitors will find your link and your visitors will find theirs. Link exchanges are a good way to spread the word about your site without going to a lot of effort.

Web Site Marketing

The Internet is driven by traffic. The more visitors you can get, the better you are doing. Try Web site marketing tactics to not only gain a little bit of income from these visitors, but also to actually boost the amount of visitors you get to your pages.

Programs like Google AdWords and Yahoo's pay per click program do not cost you any money to sign up. Through these agreements and similar contracts, the Web site you sign up with (such as Google) will place ads on your site in the form of clickable links. What happens when one of your visitors clicks on these links? You get a little bit of income, which certainly does not hurt business. Signing up with these programs also helps boost your traffic, as search engines are more apt to give you a high ranking when you have these links appearing on pages.

Why isn't your Web site attracting business? Treat your Web site like a business unto itself. Advertise the site, inform customers the site is there for their convenience, optimize pages and look for ways to market and advertise the site. It's what you would do for a business, so why not your Web site?
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