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How To Find Building And Construction Jobs

Mar 21, 2008
There are hundreds of different types of building and construction jobs. The range and variety of building and construction jobs that are available that require a range of different levels of experience and qualifications.


Bricklayers are tradesmen that specialise n laying bricks and constructing brick work. Bricklayers can also use other materials such as breeze blocks to erect walls and can typically work on other types of construction such as pavements if necessary. There are a number of different qualifications for brick layers and the skill of a bricklayer often increases with experience.


There are a number of different types of jobs that work primarily with wood. A carpenter is a craftsman that converts wood into a useable form. There are a number of types of construction trades people that use woodwork and a carpenter can help with constructing buildings, creating furniture and creating other objects out of wood. It is typically a very labour intensive job.

Concrete finisher

A concrete finisher is a tradesman that works with concrete and is able to deal with a number of applications for the use of concrete. This can be surfaces such as walls and floors. A concrete finisher plays a very important part in maintaining the look of a construction but concrete finishing also can be beneficial to the strength of a construction.

Heavy machinery operator

Heavy equipment operators have the enviable task of driving and operating heavy machinery. It is every little boys' dream to drive a digger, tractor, for lift truck or operate a crane. This job can make that simple dream a reality. It is a job that has a big responsibility as these vehicles are potentially very dangerous. The people that operate them need to be both skilled and responsible to ensure they carry out the tasks without causing damage to people.


It is well known that Britain is currently short of skilled electricians and it is a great job to get into for people that want to acquire a real skill. Electricians specialise in issues that involve electricity. They typically work on the wiring that is in buildings and are employed on new building projects as well as domestic projects for maintenance of wiring. Electricians are required to achieve standards of practice and are closely monitored by governing bodies.


Labourers are tradesmen that are typically proficient with a number of types of tools or heavy equipment and they work to assist other trades. The tasks that they carry out are typically labour intensive and it is usually a physically demanding job. One example of a labourer is a hod-carrier who assists a bricklayer by supplying them with a regular supply of bricks.

A plasterer deals with plastering the walls and surfaces of an unfinished building. The plastering gives a smooth finish to the surfaces and make the building stronger and more aesthetically pleasing. A plasterer can also provide decorative mouldings and ceilings and walls in a house.

Painter and decorator

A painter and decorator plays a vital role in turning the finished room into something that is presentable for the people that live there. The painter can work internally or externally the people that decorate the outside of buildings usually specialise in their area of work.
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