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Blogging - A Very Effective Internet Marketing Technique

Mar 21, 2008
Do you blog? There are approximately 115-120 million blogs worldwide that cover a variety of topics. Originally, blogs were used as personal online journals, often posted in reverse chronological order. Blogs have since evolved to become an effective online marketing tool for businesses.

There are several main blogging techniques that can be used to market your business online:

1. You can create a corporate blog for your company website to provide visitors updated information about your company and your new products. A corporate blog can also provide a forum for customers to provide product reviews and company feedback.

2. You can comment on other relevant blog sites to encourage traffic to your own site. If you are going to implement this technique, ensure that your comments are relevant and insightful, not sales oriented. Communicating value added information will create online visibility for you, helping you to create increased blog traffic for your business.

3. Create content rich blogs for your business website. You should enter new posts daily or weekly that are both unique and relevant to your business; although I will add some current events and family related information to my blog. I like to keep it fresh. Not just business as usual.

Once you have decided which format provides the best fit for your business objectives, you will need to create the blog itself. There are many providers that will provide your blog set up, service and maintenance for free, including: Google, WordPress, and Myspace. Once you have established one blog site, consider setting up multiple blogs with content that points back to your primary URL to drive potential clients. Now that you have started your blog, ensure that it's content rich and professionally designed before you begin your marketing campaign.

When you implement search engine optimization techniques (SEO), keep in mind that many search engines rank websites according to the quality and the quantity of incoming links. Your blog or website needs to have a high volume of visitors combined with key word rich content, to rank high on their search engine priority.

To generate link backs to your site, consider using an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds and link sharing. RSS links were created to make it easier for readers to keep you with their favorite blogs, and are formatted to publish either a summary or full text from a site for the subscriber. Popular RSS feeds that you can add to your site are My Yahoo, Bloglines and Google Reader. Make sure that you add an RSS link and service to your blog so that you can track and encourage repeat visits to your site.

Link sharing programs allow bloggers to link to each others sites. Encourage bloggers who have relevant material as well as those with high traffic to link to your site. The volume of links that you can create will determine the volume of site visitors.

Blogs are an effective online marketing tool when used properly. Post to your blog at least once a week, but daily is even better. Using supportive blog software along with marketing strategies that point back to your blog will help ensure your business success
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