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How Management Development Can Benefit You

Mar 21, 2008
Contrary to popular opinion management and leadership are not the same thing. The two are not interchangeable. There are some fundamental differences between the two that are seldom recognised by people. Whilst leadership requires the ability to inspire others to achieve their potential and fulfil the tasks that you need to have completed and creating a shared vision for the people that you lead. Management differs slightly in that it is the act of directing people to achieve a cumulative goal. In this respect it involves organising and co-ordinating tasks for people to complete.

Most modern business managers are required to have a mixture of both of these talents and being effective requires a mixture of them both. Employees need to be inspired with a vision of the things that they can achieve for your company and they also need to be given a framework under which the employees can achieve the cumulative goals of the company.

Leadership has been described by Dwight Eisenhower as the art of getting someone else to do a task that the leader doesn't want to do and that the leader manages to get the person to do it because he or she want to do it. Ralph Waldo Emerson seemed to express a similar requirement of a leader to be able to help inspire people to achieve their own goals. A leader should be able to inspire us to be what we know we could be. This is something John Buchan also alluded to who said that the task of leadership is not to manufacture or put greatness into people but to bring it out or elicit it for the greatness is already there.

Leadership can be quite a difficult thing to teach as it relys on certain level of aptitude of the individual and leaders generally have to have a natural ability for leadership. Although this is also the case with managers it is less important as the majority of managerial techniques are based on solid principles. Management development can be utilised for those managers that need training but it should be something that all managers utilise. Sadly this can be very contentious as very few managers are able or willing to accept their short falls. One of the most important assets a manager has is the ability to recognise his or her own shortcomings and the humility to have them addressed and seek other peoples help. If only more managers had these traits!

So what is involved in management development? Management development is extremely useful for organisations that want to improve the quality of their management. It takes a broad approach to management. It was initially a narrow subject that did not address all of the important issues. A good management development will help your management improve upon the major areas that could always benefit from improvement. It can help you bring about higher levels of motivation, increased team spirit, Increased levels of understanding of the organisation's goals and visions and lower staff turnover and absence levels and a change in organisational culture.
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