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Make a new start with the Money Masters DVD Home Study Program

Mar 22, 2008
There are many people on the internet offering get rich quick schemes. The Money Masters DVD Home Study Program is not one of those programs. The Money Masters DVD Home Study Program is a well researched educational program that allows you to learn in your own home at your own rate. The Money Masters DVD Home Study Program brings together the proven educators that are most in demand and offers their secrets to success at drastically reduced prices. If you are looking for a workable plan to gain increased financial and personal security then the Money Masters DVD Home Study Program is for you. The following is a sample of the 13+ educators offered.

Bob Proctor has become famous for his breakthrough approach to wealth based on the universal 'Law of Attraction'. The bestselling book The Secret introduced the Law of Attraction to a mass audience but Bob Proctor has long been a master of this philosophy and has used his skills to help millions of people reach their full financial potential. In addition, Bob explains that personal awareness, spiritual satisfaction, and intimate support systems are required to realize full human gratification in life. His multi-million dollar consulting and teaching firm is based out of Arizona but he has agreed to share his knowledge through the Money Masters DVD Home Study Pack. He will teach you the lessons he learned from studying the works of the great Andrew Carnegie and modern philosopher Earl Nightingale. He will also teach you the lessons of wealth he has required over the last 40 years in a way that is accessible and applicable to today's economy.

Adam Ginsberg is famous as an eBay Powerseller and teacher. If you have ever wanted to start your own eBay business or similar internet venture then Adam is the teacher for you. One of the first internet sellers to use drop-shipping, Adam can teach you how to succeed with eBay as a secondary or primary business. He is the author of The Ultimate eBay Guide often called the 'Bible Of eBay' and is very in demand as keynote speaker in the United States. He has helped thousands set obtainable goals for wealth and reach. Known as the 'Entrepreneur's Entrepreneur', the Money Masters DVD Home Study Pack offers you the rare opportunity to learn from eBay's '20 Million Dollar Man'.

John Childers is an expert in public speaking. Let's face it, for business and personal success you need to be able to communicate effectively. John teaches you how to not only be clear and concise but persuasive. John is a successful real estate investor and now teaches his secrets to students across the United States. He is currently on a tour of the Southeastern United States and is the creator of the popular educational series Wealth Academy.

Tom Hopkins is known by the nickname 'The Builder Of Sales Champions'. Tom is a straightforward speaker who does not teach pie in the sky theories but methods that lead to real life success. He has made his fortune in real estate and through the Money Masters DVD Home Study Program offers you the opportunity to do the same. He will teach you step by step how to become successful through referral sales and effective selling. He wrote the influential bestseller How to Master the Art of Selling and is a widely sought after speaker around the world. The Money Masters DVD Home Study Program offers the opportunity to receive the best of his teaching without attending the many costly seminars it would normally take to gain the same knowledge.

Mike Filsaime invented the internet marketing method called 'Butterfly Marketing'. Experienced in software development and corporate management he left the traditional world to pursue his fortune on the internet. An innovator in viral marketing, he stays on top of all internet trends and one need only look at his multi-million dollar portfolio to realize how effective his system has been. His best selling book The 7 Figure Code is required reading for anyone seeking to market on the internet and he makes more than $6m per year through his websites alone.

Warren Black is an internationally respected tax attorney with almost 20 years experience in accounting and law. A well published author he is a recipient of the prestigious Mallesons Stephen Jacques prize and has received international acclaim for his writing and teaching. He focuses on business structuring, asset protection and international tax laws and explains them in a manner that is accessible and relevant.

If you are looking for a new direction for your personal and financial life I urge you to consider the Money Masters DVD Home Study Program as a new path. These are not educators that will offer you pie in the sky goals. Rather, the Money Masters DVD Home Study Program works to balance your personal and professional goals and leads you on a realistic step by step process to get there.
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