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How to Choose Your Business Checks

Mar 22, 2008
So it's time to order more business checks. It would be an understatement to say you have a few options. It might seem simple- order your business checks, get on with your day. But it can easily become confusing when you starting seeing all the different formats and styles that come under the category of "business checks."

When faced with certain check terms such as 3-per-page, manual, draft, voucher, payroll - it can be hard to decide what style of business checks you actually need. You thought you knew what you were looking for, but now you're not so sure. Perhaps we can help break down the most common types of business checks to make your check buying experience a little easier.

* 3-Per-Page Checks: Certainly a very common style of business check, it's quite easy to recognize the 3-per-page format, because of it's appropriately named 3 checks on one sheet of paper. However, there are variations within this style. Some checks are meant to be written manually, while others are meant to be printed directly off your computer printer. These checks may also be of the Voucher or Payroll type discussed below.

* Voucher Checks: There exist two basic types of voucher checks. One is similar to a 3-per-page design in the way it looks except it actually only has one check on the sheet of paper. The two other panels are almost blank, save for the amount of the check and your business name. The second type of voucher check is a 3-per-page format but has a small table printed on the left side of the check. This table is used to record the date and amount of an invoice being paid, and at times can also allow for discount calculations.

* Laser Checks: Laser checks are pretty self-explanatory: they are checks meant to be printed through a laser printer. They can be of the 3-per-page check format or the single check voucher style described above. It is worth mentioning that some type of accounting software is needed to print laser checks.

* Payroll Checks: There's nothing difficult to understand about payroll checks: they are used to pay employees. You can use payroll checks to record standard (and not so standard) deductions, such as Medicare, F.I.C.A. and State Income Tax. These items are recorded on a detachable stub. There are traditionally two different options for the stubs: salary or hourly.

Many businesses need checks that are compatible with whatever accounting software they are using. The most popular software programs are QuickBooks, Quicken and Microsoft Money. Any business check printers worth their salt will have business checks in stock for all of these 3 programs. Many check printers will also have numerous other software programs from which to choose.

So it comes down to this: if you are searching for "business checks" you have a lot to choose from, so make sure you know exactly what type you need. Keep in mind what type of accounting program (if any) you use as well. Knowing these things ahead of time will contribute towards an quick and painless check buying experience.
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