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Cool Careers For Dummies: A Useful Read For Anyone Hunting A Job

Mar 22, 2008
With their book "Cool Careers for Dummies," Marty Nemko and Richard Bolles have added another great addition to the Dummies line of self-help books. "Cool Careers for Dummies" is meant to provide career coaching for job seekers who want some new ideas, with an emphasis on students approaching graduation and seeking advice.

Using a career coach is to clarify what career goals are realistic, and will fit the client’s personality and skill set. This is all geared to achieving success, but there is a price tag associated with this. Using "Cool Careers for Dummies" is an excellent alternative to a career coach but at a fraction of the cost and more importantly, it is available 24 hours a day, whereas a coach will leave and go home.

The series of books for "dummies" are informative manuals that help teach people various topics. The information is explained very clearly and concisely so that it is easy to understand by anyone. "Cool Careers for Dummies" assists people in finding fun careers. It points individuals into the right career paths based on their individual and unique interests. It provides information such as the appropriate college degree needed to obtain the career goals.

Once you have identified a job for which you are qualified, this book can help you find the keys to presenting yourself in the best possible light through an effective resume. Then, it explains numerous tips for successful interviews and give you valuable follow-up advice for use after the interview is over.

The book "Cool Careers for Dummies" describes how to succeed in your new job. You need to stand out to move up. This will bring you happiness, and you will be satisfied that you are working to your potential.

"Cool Careers for Dummies" even breaks down the risks and rewards of becoming your own boss and pursuing self employment. It contains "yellow pages" of hundreds of careers to explore. It also reviews potential problems in the work place- office trouble makers and interpersonal relations. It is a must have for anyone who has a career to choose.

With their book "Cool Careers for Dummies," Marty Nemko and Richard Bolles have added another great addition to the Dummies line of self-help books. Career coaching is a popular way to determine the right career path for you, and achieving your professional goals. This book is a great alternative to costly career coaches, and best of all, it never leaves your side! It helps you to identify an optimal career, write a good resume, interview well, and what to do once you’ve landed your dream job. It also has a directory of potential careers to explore and addresses common workplace frustrations. It is a must-have for anyone with a career.
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