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Could A High Paying Catering Job Be In Your Future?

Mar 22, 2008
In recent years, the restaurant industry has been seeing what can only be described as record-breaking growth. With the advent of television cooking shows, culinary reality TV and a more health conscious society growing at an alarming rate it is no surprise that the catering industry would follow suit. Currently it is reported that the catering industry is a six billion dollar a year industry and the growth has not stopped.

With this type of revenue and growth the opportunities are there for someone, no matter your age or range of experience, to find a job (be it part time or full time) with one of these specialized companies. If one is a stay at home mom or a student then a position with a catering company could be for them. The industry is not easy and the turn over rate high, ensuring open positions including cooks, bartenders, chefs, wait staff and food preparation as well as dishwashers.

Unlike at a restaurant where a dishwashers job is merely to wash dishes, a dishwasher in catering also performs the duty of busing tables, cleaning bus stations and keeping an eye on the levels of food wasted. Of course, the dishwasher must do the actual dishwashing as well.

Being a prep cook is particularly challenging position. Prep cooks serve the function of ensuring that the cooks have the ingredients they need, when they need them. This entails a lot of knife work (e.g. slicing and dicing) and packaging. If a cook needs 10 pounds of diced potatoes, or 5 cups of cooked rice, the task falls to the prep cook. Salads and soups are also often part of the repertoire of a prep cook; their job is more or less making the job of the cook easier.

Chefs have the starring role on the catering line. They are responsible for ensuring that all food is prepared and sent out on time. This included cooking and presentation. A chef will usually have assistants to whom he or she can delegate tasks. The chef handles menu planning and ingredient purchasing, along with staffing decisions regarding his assistants. The chef will tend to be the owner's right hand man (or woman); sometimes the chef and owner are one and the same.

In the catering industry, wait staff have one and only one function. This is of course making sure that the food gets out to the tables. Each wait staff person will have one to four tables to handle, their job being to get each course out to all of their diners in at the same time. Being quick is essential, as is having some class and courtesy; a catering job is not quite the same thing as working at your corner greasy spoon.
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