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Now You Can Start A Safe Florida Incorporation And Be Protected

Mar 22, 2008
Want to start a new business or want to relocate your present business? But you are confused where to start it. Then Florida must be the right choice for you. The government is also giving many tax rebates to many people who want to have business in Florida.

So while starting a new business in Florida you will get various benefits which are as follows:

1. Limited liability protection benefits

2. Income shifting for lowering your taxes

3. Increase capital by issuing stocks

4. Deducting taxes from companies having fringe benefits or running in loses.

5. Protecting your personal asset

6. It also help you in building business credit

For all these benefits people choose to incorporate a business in Florida

Below a guide is given for Incorporating in Florida or better to say Incorporate Business Florida.

1. The first step before incorporating a business in Florida is you have to decide on what kind of corporation you want and according to it take legal advice from your personal lawyers. They will better advice you whether that corporation is suitable for your business or not.

2. After this decide a name. The name should be unique and no other corporation should have that name. Your business name should always end with "Corporation," "Incorporated," or "Company." You have to abide by all the laws governing that corporation.

3. The articles of Incorporate Business Florida must contain the full information about the company like full address of the directors, incorporators and also the full address of the registered office. They must also have the name and address of the registered agent and a official letter of acceptance of duties. They must also declare the list of classes of share and the value of each class.

4. It is always necessary to have more than one incorporator. With Florida Department of State they have to file the articles of incorporation. You have to pay a fee of around $79. The processing of the file should not take more than 20 business days.

5. The annual report must be filed between January 1 and May 1with the assistance of the Florida Department of State. The initial report must have name, address and date of the incorporation, EIN, and also the name, address of the directors and officers as well as the registered agent.

6. The amount of tax depends on the net taxable income and also an addition supplementary corporate fee of $89. This amount has to be paid annually.

7. There must be minimum of one director in the board and the board of directors can change the laws of the office or they can adopt bylaws. The bylaws are kept in the principal executive office. According to the bylaw they can have list of officers or they can have officers of their choice. These officers can have more than one department to handle and they have to follow the instruction given by the director who has appointed him or her. These officers have to keep records of every minute details and keep records as authenticate records.

8. The registered agent in Florida Incorporation must reside in Florida and his business office must be same as the business office.

These are the basic that should be followed for incorporating in Florida.
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