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Preparing the Expenses for the Restaurant Purchase

Mar 22, 2008
There are dozens of points to go over to prepare the new business owner for a restaurant purchase. Some major organizations and goal plotting needs to be done before any cash is exchanged or any signatures are put down on paper. I'll go over some basic preliminary points to consider, but mainly focus on a big purchase that the chef will be savvy to -- the restaurant equipment purchase.

Legitimizing the Restaurant Space and Practice

Two things that every new entrepreneur will want to have at the top of their list is, one, to find legal backing -- at least someone savvy with business legal issues, preferably a full-blown lawyer, and two, making sure that your business license is properly obtained.

Laws vary a bit from state to state. Business licenses are granted by criteria outlined by the state, county and city you are operating out of. Along with some information I'll provide below you will want to investigate your local state government web page or go to the small business administration that is local to you.

Your business license is the basic go-ahead from the powers that be that allows you permission to engage in the business of providing a restaurant. This does not give you permission to serve food yet, as there are other permits such as a food handler's permit that would need to be obtained as well. This license will show that your location of business is properly zoned, meets fire and safety code, state and local codes for the space are met, and the intent to regulate the space properly is adhered to.

The city and state will probably have you doing some leg work between a few departments. Salt Lake City, for instance, asks that you get the following done:

- Complete a corporate application for new business and regulatory license form
- Pay all the fees
- Register with the Utah State Dept. of Commerce (you'll need a name and declaration of business type, like if you are going to be a LLC, corporation, partnership etc)
- Get a state sales tax number
- Obtain a federal tax ID number

Finally, a legal representative's advice may help as well. They can be found online quite easy and will usually give you a good rundown of your set up within a few hours time, depending on your questions, worries and business organization. You might not put one on retainer unless you have the cash, which I suppose most won't will such a big investment. They can go over the questions about city code and business law with you. It can help save you much more in the long run.

Points about Restaurant Supplies

There are a ton of options out there with all sorts of gadgets and tools you can use in your kitchen, bar and dining area. It really depends on what you are serving and the level of service you are providing. A steakhouse may put more into buying quality serving utensils than say, a greasy spoon diner.

The fridge is one of the biggest investments in the restaurant supply gamut. So is a freezer. For both you'll want to get industrial size and strength brands. Make sure that they have a temperature level located on the outside to actively monitor the level. It will be necessary for food preparedness and scores points for the health inspector.

If you are doing anything with deep fried food, a deep-fat fryer is pretty big on the grocery list. You will see the price of those rise mainly due to how evenly they heat the oil and how efficient they use the burner fuel to heat the oil. Skimping on this or any of the big guys targeted for you kitchen is not advised as it will probably save you on repairs and overall efficiency later.
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Able Kitchen (http://www.ablekitchen.com) sells restaurant equipment online for great prices due to large bulk purchases. They stock products that have reputable names in the culinary industry with several thousands of restaurant supplies to choose from. The author, Art Gib, is a freelance writer.
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