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Online Marketing Tips That Will Save Your Advertising Campaign

Glinda McDuffie
Mar 22, 2008
The field of internet marketing has undergone countless changes in recent years. Many of these changes are due to increased recognition and rejection of marketing tactics by potential customers. As internet customers become educated about marketing methods, they increasingly avoid acting in ways that marketers hope they will.

What can you do to avoid the avoiders? How do you get your message out to consumers who are already wary of any type of advertisement? How do you get them to your website? There are a few online marketing tactics that have proven very successful and they may be simpler than you think.

Email marketing boasts the best advertising return on investment. The advertising budget that you spend on email marketing is directly traceable to sales made because of that campaign. This doesn't mean that spamming will translate into a fat bank account. What it means is that by targeting and sending your audience an active advertisement, you will get better results than you would with a passive advertisement on a website.

The difference between the two; passive ads and targeted email, is in the delivery. An email advertisement conveys a sense of urgency, a prompt to act immediately. Email marketing is priceless for building and maintaining relationships with customers by keeping your brand and products fresh in their minds. Think of it as nearly-effortless lead generation: you put the information out there to act on and they act because it's a tangible, irresistible call to action.

On the other hand, passive ads put the customer in control. They decide to navigate their way to a website, read advertisements and click on them if moved to do so. Unless ads are spectacular or very well-placed, chances are most customers will not click them. This is not to say that text and link advertising doesn't work. On the contrary, they are extremely effective lead generation tools. However, ads have to stand out and convey a real sense of value for customers to take the time to click through.

That brings up another point about online marketing: links on websites make the modern consumer nervous. Audiences who realize that you are trying to make money from their clicks will be far less likely to click on links on your site, whether they are advertisements or not. One of the best ways to solve this dilemma is to employ a link cloaker.

A link cloaker is an ingenious little plug-in that lets you disguise the target address of links on your site. Ordinarily, when a customer hovers over a link, the status bar will show the target address. Some customers avoid clicking on affiliate links. Others choose to simply open a new browser tab and type the address in directly, which means a loss of income for you. With a link cloaker, the stated target is whatever you want it to be: the name of the target site, your own site address, or some other text chosen by you.

The internet advertising media has afforded endless opportunities for business. It doesn't matter what the business, there is a way to make an online marketing campaign that works. The trick is in knowing how to present a campaign that customers see as a clear benefit to them. Potential customers do not like being "pitched to." They do, however, appreciate help and advice given them to assist making decisions.
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